Bhasker Gupta
Bhasker Gupta
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Bhasker is a Data Science evangelist and practitioner with proven record of thought leadership and incubating analytics practices for various organizations. With over 12 years of experience in the area of Business Analytics, he is well recognized as an expert within the industry. Earlier, Bhasker worked as Vice President at Goldman Sachs. Bhasker currently advises various startups on how to utilize analytics and thinks about interesting ideas in this space in free time. He is B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi and MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.


Welcome to the 8th edition of Infovision, INFOVISION 2012, focused on Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. Information Excellence Group announces InfoVision 2012 Summit on the theme “SMAC – Social, Mo…

Satvik Labs

Satvik Labs (  is a Data Management and Predictive Analytics solution provider. Satvik  is headquartered in San Ramon, California , and its main delivery center is located in B…

Does Analytics Matter?

In its May 2003 edition, Harvard Business Review published an article called “IT Doesn’t Matter”, which since then became one of the most debated articles on IT strategy. The article argued that IT do…

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