Mohit Pandey

Mohit Pandey

Mohit is a technology journalist who dives deep into the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning world to bring out information in simple and explainable words for the readers. He also holds a keen interest in photography, filmmaking, and the gaming industry.

Beyond the Surface: The Role of Diffusion in Language Models

Diffusion models became the paradigm for generative models in 2022. Unlike autoregressive models that require restricted connectivity patterns for ensuring causality, diffusion models are unconstrained and thus allow more creative freedom. But given the efficiency of current autoregressive models (example ChatGPT), is researching diffusion models in the language field even worth it?

Copycats, Snake Oil Sellers, and Doomsayers of AI

Copycats, snake oil sellers, and doomsayers of AI are looking to make quick bucks by copying the real leaders, falsely claiming the use of AI, and downplaying the importance of the field and calling it fraudulent.

Google, Meta, Why NO ChatGPT?

OpenAI has released ChatGPT as a service and product for everyone to use. But most of the ideas of generative models came out of Google Brain since 2011 and DeepMind in 2014. Same is the case with Facebook and FAIR since 2013.

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