Mudit Rustagi

Mudit Rustagi

Mudit is experienced in machine learning and deep learning. He is an undergraduate in Mechatronics and worked as a team lead (ML team) for several Projects. He has a strong interest in doing SOTA ML projects and writing blogs on data science and machine learning.

Guide To Sentiment Analysis Using BERT

Sentiment Analysis (SA)is an amazing application of Text Classification, Natural Language Processing, through which we can analyze a piece of text and know its sentiment.

Python Guide To Google’s T5 Transformer For Text Summarizer

We will discuss Google AI’s state-of-the-art, T5 transformer which is a text to text transformer model. The gist of the paper is a survey of the existing modern transfer learning techniques used in Natural Language Understanding, proposing a unified framework that will combine all language problems into a text-to-text format.

Inflated 3D CNN

Action Recognition Using Inflated 3D CNN

We all have audienced the fantastic deep learning approaches that have regularly or empirically, demonstrated better than ever success each and every time in learning


Guide to YAMNet : Sound Event Classifier

Transfer Learning is a well-liked and popular machine learning technique in which one can train a model by reusing information learned from a previously existing

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