Nidhi Bhardwaj

Nidhi Bhardwaj

Nidhi is a Technology Journalist at Analytics India Magazine who takes a keen interest in covering trending updates from the world of AI, machine learning, data science and more.

What’s The Big Deal With Feed3

Freeda is considered the world’s first-ever Web3 audio-feedback tool, which records reactions, and opinions of dApps and VR games on FD3

Busted: Big Myths about Web3 

Its transparency has offered blockchain the ultimate traction, giving no one central point for attackers to hack it. However, what’s disappointing right now are the myths surrounding its identity

What Makes Scala 3.2 Release a Big Move?

Scala 3.0 can generate the coverage data more conveniently, setting up compiler flags, comprising other parts of the scoverage toolset and generating understandable human reports.

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