Prudhvi varma

Prudhvi varma

AI enthusiast, Currently working with Analytics India Magazine. I have experience of working with Machine learning, Deep learning real-time problems, Neural networks, structuring and machine learning projects. I am a Computer Vision researcher and I am Interested in solving real-time computer vision problems.

Converting Image Into A Pencil Sketch In Python

In this article, we will try to convert a normal photo into a pencil sketch using computer vision in a python programming language. In this article, we will show how to convert an image into its corresponding pencil sketch in a few steps.

Keras vs PyTorch vs Caffe

Keras vs PyTorch vs Caffe – Comparing the Implementation of CNN

In this article, we will build the same deep learning framework that will be a convolutional neural network for image classification on the same dataset in Keras, PyTorch and Caffe and we will compare the implementation in all these ways. Finally, we will see how the CNN model built in PyTorch outperforms the peers built-in Keras and Caffe.

Batch Normalization in Deep Learning

Hands-On Guide To Implement Batch Normalization in Deep Learning Models

Through this article, we will discuss how the batch normalization helps in building an efficient model.  Batch normalization is a feature that we add between the layers of the neural network and it continuously takes the output from the previous layer and normalizes it before sending it to the next layer. This has the effect of stabilizing the neural network. Batch normalization is also used to maintain the distribution of the data.

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