Mathangi Sri

Mathangi Sri

Mathangi Sri currently works as the Chief Data Officer at Yubi. She has 18+ years of proven track record in building world-class data science solutions and products. She has overall 20 patent grants in the area of intuitive customer experience and user profiles. She has recently published a book – “Practical Natural Language Processing with Python”. She also recently published a book with BPB Publications 'Capitalizing Data Science: A Guide to Unlocking the Power of Data for Your Business and Products.

Council Post: Culture of Innovation

Having an innovative culture is healthy for the growth of the organisation. There are always forces that pull you into short term initiatives. But companies need a push forward to steer towards the long term initiatives as well. Innovation acts as a force multiplier for any team and simultaneously maintains the enthusiasm, energy and excitement of the overall team.

Council Post: Testing the “box as a whole” (Part 2)

The key thing to remember is that we need a governance process but, at the same time, innovation and experimentation cannot be stifled. Finding a process that ensures robust and reliable data science models while encouraging learning and out-of-the-box thinking is at the heart of the model governance process.

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