Ritika Sagar

Ritika Sagar

Ritika Sagar is currently pursuing PDG in Journalism from St. Xavier's, Mumbai. She is a journalist in the making who spends her time playing video games and analyzing the developments in the tech world.

What’s Inside IBM’s Watson Orchestrate

THINK 2021 showcased a sequence of AI innovations and the latest developments from the house of IBM. Big Blue’s latest product, Watson Orchestrate, allows organisations

How Lidar Technology Is Seeing A Facelift

Pennsylvania-headquartered Argo AI, an autonomous driving technology company, recently introduced its proprietary Lidar sensor Argo Lidar. As per the Ford and Volkswagen backed company, Argo

Why Is Intel Bullish On Foveros Technology?

The COVID-19 pandemic has short-circuited the semiconductor industry. With the chip crisis looming large, companies are scrambling for solutions to plug the supply-demand gap. Intel

What SMBs Can Learn From Big Tech’s AI Playbook?

Artificial intelligence grew by leaps and bounds over the years, leaving its footprint across different sectors, including marketing, healthcare, telecommunication, human resource, government, banking and

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