Rohit Dwivedi

Rohit Dwivedi

I am currently enrolled in a Post Graduate Program In Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Data Science Enthusiast who likes to draw insights from the data. Always amazed with the intelligence of AI. It's really fascinating teaching a machine to see and understand images. Also, the interest gets doubled when the machine can tell you what it just saw. This is where I say I am highly interested in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. I love exploring different use cases that can be build with the power of AI. I am the person who first develops something and then explains it to the whole community with my writings.

How To Perform Set Operations On Pandas DataFrames

Through this article, we will understand what these set operations are and how they are used for comparison. In this experiment, we will first create two data frames and then will perform these sets of operations.

lasso and ridge regression

Hands-On-Implementation of Lasso and Ridge Regression

In this article, we will explore both the methods of regularization and check the results if we get rid of the overfitting situation. For this, we will use the Boston House Dataset where we will predict the prices of the house. The data set can be downloaded from Kaggle where it is publicly available.

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