Rohit Yadav

Rohit Yadav

Rohit is a technology journalist and technophile who likes to communicate the latest trends around cutting-edge technologies in a way that is straightforward to assimilate. In a nutshell, he is deciphering technology. Email:
Kaggle journey

How To Initiate Your Kaggle Journey

Kaggle is one of the widely used platforms by data scientists to learn new techniques, compete in competitions, and showcase their skills. For any beginners

Online IDEs

Top 8 Alternatives Of GitHub Codespaces

Codespaces is an online development environment powered by Visual Studio Code that not only empowers developers to make changes directly in GitHub repositories but also

The US joins G7 AI

The US Joins G7 AI To Tackle China

Michael Kratsios, chief technology officer at White House, said that the US along with the other countries of G7 would be setting up ethical guidelines

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