Professor Sadagopan
Professor Sadagopan
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Prof. S. Sadagopan, Director - IIIT Bangalore, one of the most experienced academicians on the expert panel of UpGrad & IIIT-B PG Diploma Program in Data Analytics.

Decoding Easy Vs. Not-So-Easy Data Analytics

As a budding analytics professional confounded by jargon, hype and overwhelming marketing messages that talk of millions of upcoming jobs that are paid in millions of Rupees, you ought to get clarity about the “real” value of a data analytics…

Computer Center turns Data Center; Computer Science turns Data Science

There is an old “theory” that talks of “power shift” from “carrier” to “content” and to “control” as industry matures. Here are some examples In the early days of Railways, “action” was in “building railroads”; the “tycoons” who made billions…

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