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Saumya Chaki works as a General Manager in the Digital Solutioning CoE at IBM by day, and an author by night. Has a Masters in Technology from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. He has authored two books 'Enterprise Information Management in Practice' and 'A Journey Through 100 Years of Indian Cinema'. His interests include Big Data Analytics, Smarter Cities. Climate Change and Mineral Economics. His hobbies include, travel, blogging and reading. He is currently working on his third book a work of fiction.

Rise of the Customer Data Platform

Retail businesses have moved from a product-centric model to a customer-centric model. This transformation has a significant impact on how companies are engaging with their customers who are spoilt for choice, well informed and tech-savvy. Traditional approaches to managing customers…

Information Governance And Its Role In Responsible AI

In an increasingly digital world, the rise of artificial intelligence is pervasive in almost all spheres of human activity. AI in simple terms is the use of intelligent machines to work and react like humans. We see many examples of…

GDPR and its implications on Data Management and Outsourcing

With increasing emphasis on data security in the existing climate of data breaches and hacking, regulatory bodies are taking an increasingly demanding view on enterprise data security. The Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new regulation (EU 2016/679) through…

The Rise of Open Data for Smart Cities

Globally there is a trend of people moving to cities in an ‘era of urbanization’. This mad rush into the cities over the last 100 years in pushing cities to their very limits, in terms of providing optimal infrastructure and…

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