Dr T C Ramesh

Dr TC Ramesh heads the Technology Excellence Group at QuEST Global. He is based out of Bangalore, India and is responsible for Capability Development, Knowledge Management, Engineering Processes and Technical Solutions in QuEST Global. Dr Ramesh comes with a rich experience of over two decades in developing finite element (FE) codes, simulation and operations management of delivery units. Dr Ramesh joined QuEST Global in 2001 as the head of the delivery Centre at Hubli, India. He then led the QuEST Global Innovation Center and subsequently CAE operations until March 2009, post which he moved to the Technology Excellence Group. Prior to joining QuEST he worked for Transoft International where he developed FE based codes for Fluid Structure Interaction and Acoustics. He was also responsible for consultancy based activities. An alumnus of IIT Madras, Dr. Ramesh holds Masters and Doctorate degrees in the field of Structural Mechanics and Dynamics.

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