Soumya Thomas
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I am currently pursuing my MBA in Business Analytics from College of Management and Economic Studies, UPES, Dehradun. I have an experience of 22 months with leading Transportation and Logistics team in delivering Business Intelligence Projects and also closely worked with Project Managers, Clients, Subject-Matter Experts, and Data Modelers to obtain requirements, objectives, and business rules for projects. I take an active interest in Mentoring ,Social Responsibility Programs along with everything related to Data from Acquisition, Integration to Interpretation.

Optimizing Drilling in Real Time using Predictive Analytics

The Oil and Gas operators today are progressively focused on maximizing efficiencies in land drilling operations in unpredictable resource plays. Many in the business and industry are turning to “factory drilling” concepts to enhance performance and thus reduce nonproductive time.…

Container Shipping Industry: A Digital Revolution

Every day, the shipping lines move mountains of goods around the world, satisfying an expansive worldwide demand. There are terminals that operate on the boxes, complex logistic processes and IT system coordinating the complex flow of transport from producer to…

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