Sri Harsha Gajavalli

Sri Harsha is a Cyber Forensic Enthusiast with great experience in Machine Learning, Backend Programming and good at maintaining complex and critical systems. He is the Founder of ICyberSol, and SocAIty, an AI Developer Community. At ICyberSol, as a Chief Executive officer, he always strives hard in developing intelligent solutions ensuring the security of businesses, startups, and organizations. SocAIty was started with a mission of creating an AI-Powered environment by fostering the interactions between students, developers, startupers and professionals interested in AI. He is also working as an AI Researcher at AutomationEdge and Project Leader as well as GSoC Mentor at OWASP. He has been mentoring a couple of Tech Startups. He has experience of training 15000+ students and 1200+ faculty and professionals through 50+ meetups and workshops across the globe in AI and CyberSecurity.

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