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Dr. Vaibhav Kumar

Dr. Vaibhav Kumar

Vaibhav Kumar has experience in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning, including research and development. He holds a PhD degree in which he has worked in the area of Deep Learning for Stock Market Prediction. He has published/presented more than 15 research papers in international journals and conferences. He has an interest in writing articles related to data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
hybrid ensemble learning model
Developers Corner

A Hands-on Guide To Hybrid Ensemble Learning Models, With Python Code

In this article, we will show a heterogeneous collection of weak learners to build a hybrid ensemble learning model. Different types of machine learning algorithms are grouped together in this task to work on a classification problem. We will show the performance of individual weak learning models and then the performance of our hybrid ensemble model.

News Scraping
Developers Corner

How To Scrape, Summarize & Convert News Articles Into Text Files

In this post, we will discuss a very basic approach to scrap a news article on the web page and summarize it, along with a few more key information. We will also explore how we can save this scraped and summarized result into a text file. This can be saved for future study or for research purposes.

deep neural network for bank crisis prediction
Developers Corner

Deep Learning Model For Bank Crisis Prediction

In this article, we will discuss a deep learning technique — deep neural network — that can be deployed for predicting banks’ crisis. This experiment is based on the African economic, banking and systemic crisis data where inflation, currency crisis and bank crisis of 13 African countries between 1860 to 2014 is given. By predicting through a deep learning model, we will see that this model gives a high accuracy in this task.

LSTM for Stock Prediction
Developers Corner

Hands-On Guide To LSTM Recurrent Neural Network For Stock Market Prediction

In this article, we will discuss the Long-Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Recurrent Neural Network, one of the popular deep learning models, used in stock market prediction. In this task, we will fetch the historical data of stock automatically using python libraries and fit the LSTM model on this data to predict the future prices of the stock.

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