Victor Dey

Victor Dey

Victor is an aspiring Data Scientist & is a Master of Science in Data Science & Big Data Analytics. He is a Researcher, a Data Science Influencer and also an Ex-University Football Player. A keen learner of new developments in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, he is committed to growing the Data Science community.

MongoDB Announces Pay-As-You-Go Service In AWS Marketplace

With the launch of a pay-as-you-go MongoDB Atlas with Free Trial in AWS Marketplace, developers will have a simplified subscription experience, and enterprises will have another way to procure MongoDB in addition to privately negotiated offers already supported on AWS Marketplace. 

Google Releases Cloud TPU v4 Pods Benchmarks For Large Model Training

Google’s Open division submissions consist of a 480 billion parameter dense Transformer-based encoder-only benchmark using TensorFlow and a 200 billion-parameter JAX benchmark. These models are architecturally similar to MLPerf’s BERT model but with larger dimensions and number of layers.

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