Vijay Srinivas Agneeswaran

Dr. Vijay Srinivas Agneeswaran has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering from SVCE, Madras University (1998), an MS (By Research) from IIT Madras in 2001 and a PhD from IIT Madras (2008). He was a post-doctoral research fellow in the LSIR Labs, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL) for a year. He has spent the last seven years creating intellectual property and building products in the big data area in Oracle, Cognizant and Impetus, where he is now Director, Big Data Labs. He has built PMML support into Spark/Storm and is building a big data governance product for a role-based fine-grained access control inside of Hadoop YARN. He is a professional member of the ACM and the IEEE for the last 8+ years. He has filed patents with US and European patent office’s (with two issued US patents) and published in leading journals and conferences, including IEEE transactions. His research interests include distributed systems - cloud, grid, peer-to-peer computing as well as machine learning for Big-Data and other emerging technologies.

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