Vijaysinh Lendave

Vijaysinh Lendave

Vijaysinh is an enthusiast in machine learning and deep learning. He is skilled in ML algorithms, data manipulation, handling and visualization, model building.

A guide to GluonNLP: Deep Learning framework for NLP

GluonNLP is a Natural language processing Deep learning-based toolkit. This toolkit includes cutting-edge pre-trained models, training scripts, and training logs to help with rapid prototyping and reproducible research.

Getting started with Gensim for basic NLP tasks

Gensim is an open-source python package for natural language processing with a special focus on topic modelling. It is designed as a topic modelling library, allowing users to apply common academic-based models in production or projects.

A guide to OMLT: An optimization & machine learning toolkit

The optimization and machine learning toolkit is an open-source software program for optimizing neural network (NN) and gradient-boosted tree high-level representations (GBTs). NNs or GBTs can be integrated into bigger decision-making issues by optimizing over-trained surrogate models. 

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