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Vijaysinh Lendave

Vijaysinh Lendave

Vijaysinh is an enthusiast in machine learning and deep learning. He is skilled in ML algorithms, data manipulation, handling and visualization, model building.
Developers Corner

Guide To Twitter’s Image Crop Analysis

The developers of this system focused on an automated image cropping system that automatically crops images that users submit on Twitter to show image previews with respect to different aspect ratios across multiple devices such as a tablet, mobile phones, and desktop.

Developers Corner

Guide To XBNet: An Extremely Boosted Neural Network

A few days back, a naval architecture was launched, ‘XBNet’, which stands for ‘Extremely Boosted Neural Network’, which combines gradient boosted tree with a feed-forward neural network, making the model robust for all performance metrics.

Developers Corner

How to Identify Entities in NLP?

Generally, when we read a text, we recognize entities straightway like people, values, locations and more. For example, in the sentence “ Alexander the Great,

Precision Recall Tradeoff
Developers Corner

Python Guide to Precision-Recall Tradeoff

What do you think should we consider only the accuracy score as a benchmark for our classification task? Many beginners in this field have misunderstood;

Guide to Multi-Class Classification

Like binary classification, something like predicting 1 or 0, the patient is diabetic or not diabetic, means predicting two classes,  is not the current world

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