AWS, ISRO, & IN-SPACe Partner to Fuel Space-Tech Startups

The collaboration accelerates innovation in space-tech providing cloud access to startups, research, and students.

In a landmark collaboration, AWS India Private Limited has entered into a strategic MoU with ISRO and the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACe) to advance India’s space capabilities through cloud technologies. This collaboration aims to support space-tech innovations by providing access to cutting-edge cloud technologies for space startups, research institutions, and students, thereby accelerating the development of new solutions in the space sector.

Cloud computing is expected to play a pivotal role in the space industry by facilitating faster decision-making and cost-effective management of large volumes of space-related data, in addition to running AI, ML, and analytics workloads. 

Shalini Kapoor, Director and Chief Technologist, Public Sector, AWS India and South Asia, expressed AWS’s commitment to helping startups identify use cases, accelerate solution development, and nurture a talent pool with expertise in cloud and space technologies. “We look forward to helping customers in India build space-tech solutions to make life on Earth better,” Kapoor, added.

The partnership also aligns with India’s focus on expanding its capabilities in the aerospace and satellite industry, as highlighted by Kapoor. AWS’s educational programs on cloud computing, combined with ISRO’s space-tech expertise, aim to inspire and encourage future generations to pursue careers in India’s growing space sector.

“Advancing innovation in the space sector is a top priority for our nation as geospatial solutions have the power to deliver high-quality services for the good governance for citizens and add value to the stakeholders,” Sudheer Kumar N, Director of Capacity Building and Public Outreach at ISRO, said. 

The collaboration will support the growth of the startup community in the space-tech sector by providing eligible startups with tools, resources, and technical support through the AWS Activate program, enabling them to build innovative solutions and commercialize them more rapidly. Startups will also benefit from access to AWS’s global experience in building aerospace and satellite solutions through the AWS Space Accelerator program.

Dr. Vinod Kumar, Director, Promotion Directorate, IN-SPACe, highlighted the need to leverage space technology and cloud computing to elevate India’s space sector to new heights. This partnership with AWS aims to empower startups, students, and researchers to drive innovation and contribute to the global space industry.

In addition to the collaboration’s core objectives, the three organizations will work together on a new initiative to train students and educators in cloud computing, AI, ML, analytics, and security, leveraging AWS education programs. This initiative will enable students to pursue industry-recognized cloud computing certifications and foster the development of future space startups in India using advanced technologies.

The partnership follows the recent approval of the Indian Space Policy, 2023, by the Government of India, providing a strategic roadmap for the growth and development of India’s space program. The announcement has also come on the heels of investments that space tech companies in India have received and expect to receive following the exposure that came with the success of Chandrayaan 3.

Shyam Nandan Upadhyay
Shyam is a tech journalist with expertise in policy and politics, and exhibits a fervent interest in scrutinising the convergence of AI and analytics in society. In his leisure time, he indulges in anime binges and mountain hikes.

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