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AWS Releases Honeycode To Develop Apps Without Writing Code

AWS Releases Honeycode To Develop Apps Without Writing Code

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Amazon introduces Honeycode in beta to enable users to develop web and mobile applications without writing code. This service will be available as a part of AWS to allow people with no coding experience in getting started immediately.

Anyone familiar with the spreadsheet model will be easily able to use Honeycode. It works similar to a spreadsheet but has many advanced features to assist you in customising the applications according to your needs. Honeycode comes with a rich palette of user interface objects such as buttons, lists, and input fields, which are key features for any applications.

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With Honeycode, you will be able to trigger actions to generate emails, notifications, and change the tables. Various built-in functions can replicate the existing spreadsheets. Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist for AWS, wrote that FindRow — a function of Honeycode — which is a powerful version of the Vlookup function of the worksheet.

One can get started with Honeycode Builder and create web or mobile applications according to your needs, thereby allowing team members to work on any device.

Honeycode does the heavy lifting by automating the process of building applications as it manages the database, business logic, and user interface — essential elements of any business application. 

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In general, to create custom apps for businesses, organisations require to rely on their IT team to effectively connect the applications with databases as well as develop better user interfaces with robots functionality. However, Honycode simplifies the entire end-to-end process of developing applications by offering intuitive features. In addition, you can scale the applications effectively since it leverages the functionalities of AWS.

Collaboration with team members is another disadvantage of a spreadsheet as it does not provide better user access control. But, applications built with Honecode can empower the administrators to customise the access of applications according to their needs.

To check a complete step-by-step process of building the applications with Honeycode, click here.

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