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Bayesia to organize the first ever BayesiaLab Tech day in Delhi and Bangalore

Bayesia to organize the first ever BayesiaLab Tech day in Delhi and Bangalore

bayesiaAfter a very successful BayesiaLab launch event in February, and the sold-out Analytics Symposium co-hosted with IIMB in June, Bayesia will return to India with the first BayesiaLab Tech Days, to be held in Delhi and Bangalore.

In Bangalore, our BayesiaLab Tech Day will take place at IIMB, as part of the strategic partnership between Bayesia Singapore Ptd. Ltd. and the Data Centre Analytics Lab at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, DCAL@IIMB on September 10th, 2013.

You may find all the details in the link below,

In the Delhi area, our BayesiaLab Tech Day will take place at the Clarens Hotel in Gurgaon on September 16, 2013. The BayesiaLab Tech Day schedule includes four hour-long seminars throughout the day, plus a keynote reception in the evening. Each seminar will be focused on one self-contained case study of a real-world application of Bayesian networks and BayesiaLab. Dr. Lionel Jouffe, cofounder and CEO of Bayesia S.A.S. and Mr. Stefan Conrady, Managing Partner of Bayesia Singapore Pte. Ltd. will be the principal speakers at this one-day event.

Attendance for all events of the day is free with prior registration. Please note that space is limited, so please register soon.

You may find all the details in the link below,

An intensive 3-day training will follow the BayesiaLab Tech Day. Dr. Lionel Jouffe, who is one of the world’s foremost experts on Bayesian networks, will host this 3-day seminar and teach his proven curriculum.

You can find the details of the trainings in Bangalore and Delhi in the links below:

Bayesian networks have evolved as a new form of probabilistic knowledge representation through the seminal works of Judea Pearl. The theoretical properties of Bayesian networks have been extensively studied over the last 25 years, but only now they are emerging as practical tools to generate “deep understanding” of very complex, high-dimensional problem domains. Their computational efficiency and inherently visual structure make Bayesian networks attractive for exploring previously intractable business problems.

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Since 2001, France-based Bayesia S.A.S. has been developing their flagship product BayesiaLab to leverage Bayesian networks for applied research.

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Ajith Govind S, Regional Manager Asia,

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Vishal Kapoor, Regional Manager, Asia Pacific

Phone No: +91 9916810034, mail id:

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