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This Business Intelligence Platform Sews Visualisation And Data Analytics Seamlessly

This Business Intelligence Platform Sews Visualisation And Data Analytics Seamlessly

When Avin Jain, CEO and founder at BDB, told his parents in Jaipur that he wanted to pursue engineering from one of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) in the early ’90s, they didn’t really understand the full potential of his move. But that decision, says Jain, defined his career and took it on a whirlwind spin around the world.

Now sitting in his plush office in Bengaluru’s HSR Layout area, Jain proudly shows us photos of his teenaged daughter as he talks about his journey in the world of data science, analytics and more specifically — business intelligence platforms. After working with noted names in the industry such as Infosys and Visa, Jain tells us about how he got bored with the corporate environment and wanted to start something on his own.


“We took none or only basic minimum salary — just enough to run our homes — when we started BDB,” explains Jain. “At the time half of us thought we were on to something great, and the other half thought that we were going crazy,” he chuckles. “But importantly, most of our core team could understand what was coming in the big data market,” he adds. Apart from the initial fears and apprehensions, Jain proudly announces that he has his core team of over 50 people still intact and working with him.

Talking about the new business intelligence platform BDB, Jain explains that one of its key features is that fact that its micro services architecture-based platform can be integrated with business applications and can give customised Analytics flow to the end user.

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“When we started designing the product, some of the main things we looked at were scalability, robustness and security. Now the finished product’s scalability is horizontal as well as vertical. The advantage is that we can very easy add more and more features and when we need them,” says Anoop Prabhakaran, chief architect at BDB.

After years of research, development and feedback from the customers, BDB has evolved into a business decision platform which uses big data pipeline framework to handle streaming structured, and unstructured data. In fact, the BDB team has also incorporated elements of augmented analytics, machine learning, natural language programming, along with visualisation. They have layered the product in such a way that it can be used by everyone in the organisation, such as the CXOs, citizen data scientist, data scientists, business analysts, and business users, among others.

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