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Become A Thought Leader In AI And ML

World’s largest executive doctoral program & world’s only executive doctoral program in data science.
Become A Thought Leader In AI And ML

Are you an experienced professional or mid/senior-level manager looking for an exponential career growth? This may be the most important career transforming information you have come across in a long time. 

Enterprises are desperate for Specialist AI professionals

As AI has gotten extremely powerful in the last two decades. What used to take days then now take minutes. What used to cost millions now cost cents. What was science fiction then is undergraduate homework now.  


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This immense power in technology means correctly using data science can catapult the enterprise at a not- imaginable pace. This is where the need for specialists comes into play. 

While there is a demand for people who can develop complex algorithms and build enterprise-grade solutions, there is a much stronger need for leaders and strategists who can harness this technology responsibly and innovatively to take their organization ahead.  

More than 75% of AI & ML initiatives are still failing. Not because of mathematics or coding issues. But, because the business does not understand what to solve, how to adopt, and reap benefits.

Having a thought leader in an organization is not a luxury any more. On the contrary, it is one of the most in-demand requirements of any enterprise.

How do you become a Thought Leader?

At INSOFE, we believe training thought leadership personnel must be a very sustained and planned effort that involves enormous time commitment from faculty and the participants.

We designed a Global Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) in data science in collaboration with Rennes School of Business to essentially create these thought leaders. Rennes School of Business is one of the few B-schools in the world to have a triple crown accreditation (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS).

The DBA program consists of two components, in-depth data science and business coursework and patentable thesis development. Thus, students enrolled in the program have the dual benefit of working with and learning from the top business and data science professionals at two institutes from two countries. 

What do you learn in a Global Doctorate of Business Administration?

As part of the coursework component, students are carefully taught the utilization and application of different data science, AI, and ML components in relation to how they can be adopted within an organization. Students further learn how to manage organizational change and the skills required to do research in advanced data science.

On the other hand, the thesis component is carefully crafted to suit the individual needs of the candidate. Students are strongly encouraged to deeply explore one area of data science application in the business and develop a solution that can be patented.

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Pursue a DBA at INSOFE

INSOFE was the first institute to have a data science doctorate program for working executives. While this is a distinction we are proud of, a greater achievement that we have attained is that we currently have the world’s largest executive doctorate program in data science, AI, ML with a Business focus. 


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The diversity of our program is something very few doctoral programs can boast of in the data science realm. We currently have over 50 thought leaders from 17 countries with varying educational and professional experience.


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This group works day in and day out, figuring out how AI can be used in enterprises to push the boundaries further. All the while, these individuals are engaged with their professional work and progressing in their organizations. 


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This Global DBA is designed for working professionals and senior managers who wish to pursue leadership roles in their niche industries.  

Attend the Webinar today to know more about the program.


Date and time: 24th Sept, 7:30 pm IST

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