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Behind Sony & NVIDIA’s Latest AI Patents For Video Games

Recently, Sony and NVIDIA have published AI tech patents that can make video games more immersive and interactive.

As per a report, the global gaming market is expected to reach a valuation of more than $295 billion by 2026 from $162 billion in 2020 at a CAGR of 10.5%. Game developers strive to enhance gamer’s experience, launching and rewriting codes for diverse console/platforms. Recently, Sony and NVIDIA have published AI tech patents that can make video games more immersive and interactive.

The proxy player

Sony’s technology patent introduces a method for gaming. The method includes allocating a default gameplay profile to a user, wherein the default gameplay profile consists of a default gameplay style that simulates human gameplay and wherein the default gameplay profile is configured to control gameplay for the user based on the default gameplay style. 


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In other words, the AI profile begins with a basic set of behaviours and picks up traits based on monitoring the player’s actions. The AI profile will take after the player’s style and stand-in for the player if he/ he\she is missing in action or needs assistance.

Interestingly, the AI can evolve on its own. It can automatically crawl the internet to look for solutions if it gets stuck while completing a task.

For example, the gameplay controller can automatically proceed to complete specific game tasks that are difficult for the user. Also, the gameplay controller is configured to play the gaming application in place of the user (e.g., as initiated through a pause in the game). An AI character is assigned to perform tasks presented. When the user wishes to return to active play, the user can stop the AI character, which allows the user to return to controlling his or her character in the gaming application. In that manner, the user’s gameplay continues without the user’s attention and then resumes after automated gameplay control is terminated.

NVIDIA adds a haptic touch

The paper’s abstract said: Haptic effects have long been provided to enhance the content, such as by delivering vibrations, rumbles, etc, in a remote controller or other device being used by a user while watching or listening to the content. Haptic effects have either been provided by programming controls for the haptic effects within the content itself or by providing an interface to audio that maps certain haptic effects with certain audio frequencies. The haptic control interface intelligently induces haptic effects for content by using machine learning to detect specific features in content and then induce certain haptic effects for those features.

NVIDIA’s AI patent deals with a method to provide a haptic control

interface for detecting content features using machine learning to induce

haptic effects. The haptic control interface receives a portion of content and processes the piece of content using a machine learning algorithm to detect a feature of the content. Further, the haptic control interface determines one or more haptic effects for the feature. It causes the haptic enabled device to activate the one or more haptic effects determined for the feature.

Wrapping up

Both patents offer a window to the rapid advances happening in the world of video games. The developers are leveraging AI to radically change the user experience on a scale unimaginable a few years back. The AR/VR tech, the rise of esports, and pandemic have further accelerated the push.

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