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Behind The Code: A Developer Who Believes That Practice Is More Important Than MOOCs

Behind The Code: A Developer Who Believes That Practice Is More Important Than MOOCs

Harshajit Sarmah

For our developer series Behind The Code, we get in touch with some of the brilliant minds from the developer community. This time, we talked to Shambhu Nath Singh, who is working as a Senior Software Engineer at Spectrum7 Technologies.

The Beginning 

A BE-CSE graduate, Singh developed an interest in coding when he was in high school. He used to write basic programs such as adding two numbers and try to understand how it’s being executed. As time passed, his interest in programming grew. “I was actually much curious about how smartphone apps are built. So I started digging more and more and started building small mobile applications,” said Singh. “Eventually, it became a fun activity for me. I would build apps and install into my friends’ phones and test them,” he added with a laugh.

But the journey to becoming a software developer wasn’t a cakewalk. Singh started his gig as a professional software developer when he was still pursuing his engineering. He was managing his work, his final year project and he was preparing for his final exams. “I used to stay awake for a long time at night, studying and watching tutorials. And I would next morning I used to implement them in the office,” said Singh.

However, the hustle was worth it. Today, Singh is leading a team of software development. His role at Spectrum7 also includes the creation of architectures of new products, designs of back-end and front-end, analysis of technologies which can fit the requirements and sometimes, resource-wise effort estimations.

“Today, I can see the difference between me before joining the company and me after joining. Every day an exciting journey,” Singh added.

Knowledge And Tech Stack

When asked about how he upgraded his skills and knowledge, Singh said, “Well, honestly speaking, I didn’t go through any particular MOOCs. I am very good at digging stuff on the internet, so I used resources available on several websites. Also, I have spent enough time watching tutorials on YouTube.

Further, he always stated that he used to practice a lot. He believes that when you learn a new program or get a problem statement that needs to be solved by coding, work on it with complete focus, and keep trying until and unless you execute and run it without any errors.

Looking into the tech stack of the Spectrum7 developer, most of Singh’s projects are based on Node.js, AngularJS and NoSQL database. He believes that Node.js projects are really powerful in terms of performance and real-time activities. Talking about tools, he uses Web-Storm, Atom etc. He also uses Eclipse as it provides better structures for file systems. Another tool from Singh’s stack is the express framework — he reckons that it is useful in terms of data communication between back-end and front-end.

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Talking about Java, Singh said, “one of the most powerful tools is Spring MVC framework with Hibernate ORM tool — it gives better flexibility to the projects.”

Singh’s Take On DevOps

DevOps as a technology domain is said to have a much longer life. “It is a key factor in the IT sector — it not only helps developers to coordinate with the team but also help in executing processes to complete the software building at a faster pace.”

Talking about the future, Singh said that the industry is extensively heading towards automation. And why not? The RPA technologies have reduced the cost, maintenance and the resources to develop software. So, the transformation is real.

“If one wants to be a DevOps specialist then, you must keep yourself updated with the latest technologies across several industries and how they are going to be integrated with other platforms, Compatibility is a critical aspect, and platforms with higher compatibility will definitely be a success,” Singh added.

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