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In the developer series Behind The Code, we reach out to the developers from the community to gain insights on how their journey started in the field of data science, what tools and skillset they use and what’s essential for their work. For this week’s column, we caught up with the AWS Community Heroes. 


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This July we attended the AWS Community Day 2019 where we caught up with these heroes to gain insights on the latest trends and toolkits in the DevOps world. The AWS Heroes are the mentors and super users, creators, writers or speakers who routinely provide high quality and impactful content to the AWS developer community worldwide.

Bhuvaneswari Subramani

Bhuvaneswari Subramani is the Director of Engineering Operations at Infor. With more than two decades of experience and specialised in the IT industry, Subramani has been working in CI/CD integrations and on-premise cloud for many years now. 

Tell Us About The Evolution of Technology

There has been a tremendous change in the field of technology such as serverless technology. A few decades earlier, it was just an impossible idea and now everything is going serverless. Everybody talks about serverless these days and this is the main impact.  

Essential Toolkit 

For an engineer, one can attach to a specific tool and technology. A software engineer needs to be a lifelong learner. The tools keep changing with time and one needs to adapt and change it as needed. Besides that, if anybody wants to be in the programming domain, s/he should be strong in languages like PERL, Python, etc. One must always get updated with the latest tool and technologies.

Advise For Millennials 

Subramani suggested that if someone wants to take up specific areas such as DevOps or CI/CD, s/he should delve deep into that. According to her, the best way to learn is to train someone else otherwise write about it.  

Gaurav Kamboj

Gaurav Kamboj is the Cloud Architect at Hotstar. Kamboj is from the infrastructure background who handles mostly cloud infrastructures.  

Essential Toolkit 

Whether it be a backend or a frontend engineer, nowadays everyone must use the infrastructure as the core technology. Tools like Hyphen, Lambda, etc. in the AWS cloud, and Terraform, Python is essential for developers. 

Why AWS and Not Others like GCP or Azure

To this question, Kamboj replied that when he started applying cloud, the other networks were not much matured like AWS. The availability of services was less compared to AWS. 

Sathyajith Bhat

Sathyajith Bhat is the DevOps Engineer at Adobe and is one of the AWS Community Heroes.

Essential Toolkit 

According to Bhat, React is one of the trending toolkits in the market. He has been using React with AWS Amplify for a few years now in the frontend and on the backend side, Node.js, Java, etc. has been trending these days. Language like Java seems like a bit old but it has a lot of frameworks which plays crucial roles while on the DevOps side, Kubernetes is the most trending toolkit. 

Roadmap of Technologies

According to Bhat, people will focus more to add value to their businesses by the way of infra being set up by themselves or by the servers, adopt new technologies along with the traditional ones, and other such.

Advise For Millennials 

One must keep learning in every way they can.

Nilesh Vaghela

Nilesh Vaghela is the founder of Electromech Corporation Cloud and Opensource Company. He is more of a system administrator and has been working in the cloud for a few years now.

Tell Us About The Evolution of Technology

To this question, he replied that whatever is new today, tomorrow it will be normal. It is important to understand the new technologies and where these technologies are fitted into their specific verticals. 

Advise For Millennials 

According to him, the first thing a developer has to learn microservices and understand how it works and also, how to build a microservice.  

Essential Toolkit 

Vaghela has been utilising AWS toolkits like Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) platforms which provide robust platforms where microservices can be built onto that. Secondly, one of the key tools can be said as serverless architecture. Components like API Gateway, Lambda, Cognito. Etc. are the important ones for serverless architecture. 

Jeevan Dongre 

Jeevan Dongre is the Engineering Manager at Nutanix who is also the co-founder of AWS User Group Bengaluru.

The benefit of AWS User Group & Community Heroes

According to Dongre, the benefit is basically networking and peer-to-peer learning. Knowledge keeps flowing unparalleled all through it. 

Essential Toolkit 

For a developer, it is important to know multiple languages, polyglot, understand multiple platforms, hybrid-cloud, Kubernetes, etc.

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