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Behind The Scenes Of Praxis Business School’s Successful Data Science Placements

Praxis Business School had 92+ companies coming in to recruit its graduates, offering the highest package of Rs 22.5 lakh.
Behind The Scenes Of Praxis Business School’s Successful Data Science Placements

It was that time of the year at the Praxis Business School — the placement season. However, 2020 placements were unlike anything the business school, or the world, had ever seen. 

The COVID-19 pandemic will go down in history as one of the most challenging periods for the global economy and workforce — similar to The Great Depression of the 1930s. According to media reports, around 12.2 crore Indians lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Globally, the number stood at 114 million.

It was thus not a surprise when job listing portal LinkedIn and its likes were flooded with posts by graduates of top tier colleges seeking job opportunities, despite their merit. Additionally, campus placement offers were withdrawn or kept on hold by recruiters in many colleges and universities. 

However, Praxis had a different story to share. What started as a bleak and subdued placement season soon took a dramatic turn and for good. 

Praxis offers a nine-month full-time Postgraduate Programme in Data Science. Candidates applying for this course are usually people already in the workforce who quit their lucrative jobs to take the data science route. Needless to say, placements form an integral and significant part of the programme. 

Highlights of the Postgraduate Data Science Programme at Praxis Business School 

Surprisingly, none out of the 147 offers made to the Praxis Class of 2020 were retracted. Today, we go behind the scenes to understand what exactly worked out during the placement season for the Bengaluru and Kolkata-based business school. 

Cheat Sheet 

This year’s was the most successful campus placement campaign organised for the Praxis Data Science programme. 

Source: Praxis Business School

According to the institution, the following worked out in its favour: 

  • More demand for data scientists: With almost all industries– traditional and otherwise, going digital, there was a huge spike in demand for data science skills. As of August 2020, India reported as many as 93,500 data science job vacancies. This led to many new companies participating in the placement season at Praxis. 
  • Relationship with recruiters: Praxis Business School was established in 2007. Ever since then, the institution has maintained a close-knit relationship with recruiters. This came to its advantage during the challenging times.
  • Strategised approach: The placement team and student placement committee at Praxis analysed the onset of the hiring freeze period in the country early on and strategized to ensure maximum placements despite the odds. They created an aggressive plan for early corporate engagement and maximum reach. 
  • Alumni connect: Praxis Business School boasts of a successful and supportive network of alumni who rose to the occasion and worked with the placement team, enhancing the opportunity funnel. They further helped the fresh graduates with interview tips and career advice. 

Source: Praxis Business School

  • Finally, the institution owes the success of the placement season to the faculty and its students who were quick to adapt to the digital classes overnight and ensured to achieve the ultimate objective of the programme– to equip students with the right data science skills and help them build an exciting career in the field.  

Source: Praxis Business School

Source: Praxis Business School

Source: Praxis Business School

Success Story 

So far, Praxis has had more than a decade of experience in teaching data science, with 25+ graduating batches. The comprehensive course is taught by industry-best faculty. Additionally, notable personalities from the industry deliver sessions throughout the course. Some marquee speakers include Dipayan Chakraborty– Head of Analytics and Business Insights at Myntra, Ratnakar Pandey– Leading ML and Analytics at Amazon, Ujjyaini Mitra- Head of Data at ZEE5, Sreekanth Menon– VP, Data Science at Genpact, among others. In addition, Praxis ensures more than 90 per cent placements for every batch besides helping students publish and present industry-assessed Capstone projects at international conferences. 

As a result of the cumulative hard work, this year, 92 companies– highest of all times, recruited graduates of the Praxis Business School. The highest offer made was worth Rs 22.5 lakh, with the average offer being Rs 9.89 lakh and the median for the placement cycle was Rs 10 lakh.

Companies including Bridgei2i Analytics Solutions, EY, Capgemini, Fractal Analytics, HSBC Analytics, PwC, IBM, ITC Infotech, and Nielsen Analytics hire graduates from Praxis Business School. 

“Before joining Praxis Business School, I was sceptical how a data science program would transform an experienced IT professional and help her take the Data Science route. But, I was proven wrong in just the first month at the course, where the teachers took care of the quality of education and made sure that the students understood the intricacies of the subject. Praxis helped not only experienced but freshers too in their data science journey. The 9 month course has given me a great opportunity to kickstart my career in technology consulting and has been a great support with its strong alumni connection.” – Shivani Nehra, Consultant Data Science @ PwC, PGPDS Class of 2021.

Summing up 

It was, thus, a coming together of the entire ecosystem at Praxis Business School– the alumni, faculty and students that made it an outstanding placement season for the educational institution despite the unprecedented year that 2020 was. As a result, Praxis not only managed to place all its students but also surpassed all previous years’ records.  

“We as an institution strive hard to keep our curriculum contemporary and our greatest success is when we are able to create data science careers for all our students.” – Dr Subhasis Dasgupta, Faculty of Data Science

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