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Bengaluru-Based Sales Analytics Startup DigiConnectt Raises $125,000 In Seed Funding

Bengaluru-Based Sales Analytics Startup DigiConnectt Raises $125,000 In Seed Funding

Bengaluru-based AI and analytics startup DigiConnectt has raised $125,000 in seed funding from US-based transport management solutions leader Aspire Logistics LLC.

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The fresh capital will be used by the startup for technology advancement and to strengthen its product lineup, DigiConnectt said in a statement.

The company has products such as L Connectt, a sales analytics and enablement solution that challenges traditional sales methodologies. Its AI-powered engine SimplifAI infuses advanced business intelligence into the ecosystem to boost resource performance and market penetration.

“We will be investing in R&D to optimise L Connectt and its feature sets. We will be adding additional workforce in an effort to add value to our product portfolio.” Prrashanth H Nagaraj, founder and managing director explained.

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Aspire Logistics LLC said it felt DigiConnectt has the potential to grow into a global leader in the sales and customer relationship management (CRM) industry. Alex King, president of Aspire Logistics said, “In the sales and CRM space, I believe that the offerings currently available are not as robust to meet the requirements of most businesses. These applications are heavily reliant on data entry and maintenance with limited offerings. L Connectt is a versatile, user-friendly application that allows for mobility and is much easier to implement — whether for a small company or a large enterprise.”

Founded by Prrashanth H. Nagaraj in 2017, DigiConnectt now has a pre-market valuation of $5 million. It is a technology company focused on introducing products that will accelerate and enhance sales productivity and effectiveness within an organisation. The company said it has filed patents for 24 features of L Connectt.

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