Best GitHub learning repositories for developers

Analytics India Magazine has outlined the top 10 repositories every aspiring ML developer should follow on GitHub; these consist of all-rounded resources to learn and practice the art, and roadmaps to work in the industry.

GitHub has been loved by millions of developers across the globe for years, and justifiably. The portal holds some of the best developers, resources and libraries, making it a go-to choice for anyone in the data science, AI/ML field wanting to learn more about and excel in it. Analytics India Magazine has outlined the top 10 repositories every aspiring ML developer should follow on GitHub; these consist of all-rounded resources to learn and practice the art, resources that help in learning and roadmaps to work in the industry. 

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Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is a non-profit organisation that teaches people how to code. While they are active on several platforms, GitHub is one of the most popular and verified sources to leverage their free code-learning tutorials. The profile has over 200 repositories and several projects, acting as a backend to everything coding. Their repositories include freeCodeCamp’s open-source codebase and curriculum, devdocs-API Documentation Browser, boilerplates – different programming languages, chapter – self-hosted event management tool for non-profits and developer quiz. It also consists of interesting projects such as creating a discord bot, news translation model, periodic table database and more. 

Find the GitHub repository here


With their mission statement to ‘make the world safer for e-books’, this GitHub repository lists free programming books for students. It consists of thousands of books in 20+ languages, overseeing various concepts and covers hundreds of programming languages. The Free Ebook Foundation maintains this, which administers the repo, a not-for-profit organisation devoted to promoting the creation, distribution, archiving, and sustainability of free e-books. The repository has 221,000+ stars and 6,900+ commits.

Find the GitHub repository here

Find the resources here

100 Days of ML Code

Possibly one of the most detailed repositories, this repo follows a strict 100-day curriculum to learn machine learning. Every day follows a new topic such as data pre-processing, simple linear regression, logistic regression and more. Codes, explanations and detailed infographics accompany these topics. The repo is an easy yet comprehensive way for developers to master basic concepts.

Find the GitHub repository here

Siraj Raval

Siraj Raval is a technologist on a mission to spread data literacy with simpler explanations of difficult concepts. His GitHub profile consists of 500+ repositories delving into various data science topics such as the code for world models, bitcoin creation, polygon cookbook, AlphaCare, code royale source code, recurrent neural networks, computer vision and more. Some of the repositories link to his YouTube channel or other portals. 

Find the GitHub profile here

The Algorithms

A verified GitHub repository, The Algorithm is an open-source resource for learning data structures, data algorithms and their implementation in any programming language. Data structures are the core for programming and developing, and this repository explores more than 34 languages, including Python, Java, Go, Java Plus, Lua, Rust, C++ and more. The explanations are easy and comprehensive. Additionally, developers can also leverage their website for access to the codes.

Find the GitHub repository here

Project-based learning by Tuvtran 

This repository offers machine learning development learning in a practical manner. The repo consists of programming tutorials teaching software developers how to build applications from scratch in different programming languages and multiple technologies. In addition, the repository supports multiple programming languages and their specific projects. This will help tech enthusiasts enhance their practical skills while creating a project portfolio. 

Find the GitHub repository here

Javascript algorithms

The Javascript algorithms on GitHub is the one-stop resource to learn everything about Javascript. The repo contains popular JavaScript algorithms and data structures with explanations and several externally linked resources. The explanations are easily divided and tagged for advanced and beginners and come with their separate README explanations, YouTube videos and further reading links. In addition, the explanations are available in several languages.

Find the GitHub repository here

An additional resource to learn JavaScript: 30 Days of Java Script

An additional resource to learn JavaScript: You Don’t Know JS

Public APIs

The Public APIs repository is a collective list of free APIs for software and web development use. APIs are integral to development, and this repository finding useful APIs makes it easy for developers to find free and relevant APIs in the category. In addition, the list is constantly updated with newer APIs in the public domain.

Find the GitHub repository here

Coding Interview University

The coding interview university is one of the best-received repositories on GitHub with 192,000 stars and is currently #1 on trending. Owned by a (now) software engineer at Amazon, the repository started as a study plan of the owner before Amazon and is now the chosen resource for any engineer to crack coding interviews and make it into the big tech firms. The repo is a multi-month study plan to crack the interview of any big tech giant, starting from the basics of programming to the advanced concepts of data structures, system design, and core CS concepts. The repository contains a study plan, topics, ways to find a job, online materials, books, videos, lectures about the different Software Engineering topics, CV writing tips, job application tips, and more.

Find the GitHub repository here

Developer Roadmap

Another helpful resource for developers to make it in the industry, the developer roadmap repository provides regularly updated roadmaps for frontend developers, backend developers, React developers, DevOps engineers and more. It is a chosen resource for developers wanting to start a career or upgrade their skills.

Find the GitHub repository here

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