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Best Resources To Learn Data Science In Hindi

Best Resources To Learn Data Science In Hindi

Best Resources To Learn Data Science In Hindi

Data science tutorials and courses are usually comprehensive, which includes fundamentals of data science, statistics, mathematics, hypothesis, programming, analysis etc. And thus can be exhaustive for many young minds who are recently kick-starting their career in data science. Such in-depth intensive subjects can be even more gruelling to understand if not learnt in a language learners are comfortable with.

In India, according to data, 43.63% of people speak Hindi, and out of which, 25% regards Hindi as their native language. Thus, many a time, young professionals struggle to grasp complex data science topics due to the lack of understanding the language. 

How To Start Your Career In Data Science?

So, if you are willing to transform your career with in-demand data science skills, here are the best paid as well as free resources where one can learn data science in Hindi.

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Hands-on Machine Learning Course

Source: Udemy

About: This is an all-in-one, machine learning course provided by Udemy involving deep learning, natural language processing and Python knowledge in Hindi. This course of 16.5 hours on-demand video has been designed to include the maximum concept of machine learning without any prerequisite of machine learning knowledge. Not only this course will teach how to analyse the data and feed it to ML models, but also hands-on making predictions using logistic regression, k-nearest neighbours and Naive Bayes. With this course, learners can get a solid understanding of machine learning before actually entering into the field.

Check out the course here.

edureka! Hindi

Source: edureka

About: edureka! Hindi is a youtube channel by edureka, which provides high-quality videos, webinars, sample classes and lectures in Hindi. Encompassing subjects like Python, Scikit-Learn, machine learning, SQL Injection, to name a few, these video tutorials can help gaining fundamental data science knowledge for beginners to be industry-ready. In their 35 minutes tutorial video on data science, not only they have covered detailed and comprehensive understanding of data science but also explained various aspects of data and its lifecycle described quickly in Hindi. Started in 2018, the channel — eureka! Hindi has over 100K followers on YouTube.

Watch the videos here.

Analytics India Guru

Source: Analytics India Magazine

About: Analytics India Guru is a set of video tutorials by Analytics India Magazine on YouTube that shares data science knowledge in Hindi. Starting from “what is a neural network” to “applications of GANs,” these tutorials provide short five-minute explanatory videos of various aspects of data science. With these tutorials, one can quickly get their hands on many complex topics of the field and understand in-depth information on the subject.

Watch the videos here.

Python for Machine Learning in Hindi

Source: Great Learning Academy

About: Python for Machine Learning in Hindi is a one-hour free course provided by Great Learning Academy, which covers the basic concepts of Python programming and machine learning. The session initiates with sharing some basic programming concepts, including an algorithmic approach to solve real-world problems. Post that, speaker & data scientist Bharani Akella share the basics of Python including data-types, variables and operators. Furthermore, the course also talks about the primary data structures in Python — tuple, list, set and dictionary. Along with Python concepts, the master class will deal with the basics of machine learning and its subsets like supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning.

Check out the course here.

Python Tutorial in Hindi

Source: Great Learning Academy

About: This Python tutorial by Great Learning Academy is a four-hours video tutorial on YouTube, where the speaker has shared in-depth knowledge of Python programming for beginners. If one is new to the field of data science and willing to learn python programming, this video class can be of great help to get their hands on along with exploring use cases. Starting from installing Python and data structures, to working with Python libraries, this video tutorial is like a one-stop-shop for full Python knowledge for beginners.

Watch the video here.

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See Also

Data Science

Source: LearnVern

About: Data Science by LearnVern is a free course to enrol for beginners to learn the concepts programming, clustering, regression, analysis and data mining in Hindi. The course has been designed involving practical projects-based samples to teach data measurement, charts and graphs, central tendency and variability, measures of shapes, hypothesis testing, and basics of R programming. Although the students need to have a fundamental knowledge of computers, statistics, excel and mathematics, this course would also be beneficial for amateurs of the field.

Check out the course here.

Jupyter Notebook For Data Science & Machine Learning

Source: Udemy

About: Jupyter Notebook for data science and machine learning is a free on-demand video course provided by Udemy in Hindi for professionals to take the first step in the field of data science by performing data analysis operations. With this course, learners will be able to use Jupyter Notebook for their data science tasks, along with Python, NumPy, Pandas and scikit-learn. This course will further teach how to start using Jupyter for predicting data, perform magic functions and allow learners to apply their skills to real-life business cases.

Check out the course here.

Python Training in Hindi

Source: Besant Technologies

About: Python full course in Hindi is an online raid course provided by Besant Technologies providing data science knowledge with the help of real-time projects. Led by trainers of big IT companies, this course offers extreme exposure to learners, thus making them better ready for the evolving IT industry. Starting from Python programming history to data flow of Python, this course will provide a detailed understanding of the functions of Python and the scope of variables.

Check out the course here.

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