[Beta Release] Build Metaverse on NVIDIA Omniverse

With the beta release of NVIDIA Omniverse, developers and creators will now be able to build metaverse applications.
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Metaverse has been the talk of the town. From building digital megacities and virtual banks to automobile prototypes, the digital world of Metaverse has been made possible with NVIDIA’s Omniverse allowing industries and individuals to create “digital twins” for simulation of the real world.

NVIDIA recently announced the beta release of their Omniverse where developers and creators will be able to build metaverse applications. The release is powered by NVIDIA’s Ada Generation GPUs along with advances made in simulation technology to maximise ease in creating large and complex scenes and objects using third party applications with real-time rendering, physics, and path tracing. 

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What to expect? NVIDIA Omniverse’s central database and collaboration engine, Omniverse Nucleus, now enables copying between different servers and quick live collaboration. Moreover, the updates to Omniverse Connect make it possible to integrate different connectors for Autodesk Alias, Kitware ParaView, Siemens JT, Maya, among others. Omniverse Connect is a content delivery tool library that supports Omniverse platform. 

Additionally, NVIDIA also released a new foundation for NVIDIA Omniverse Kit 104 to develop metaverse tools. This will enable developers to use the SDK for every microservice like DeepSearch, or other reference applications. Expanding out of Python workflows, this new kit includes support for C++ developers for custom industry-specific workflows. 

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For simulation in the Omniverse, NVIDIA has also open-sourced their PhysX 5 engine to build physics-simulated applications. This enables testing and running physics-based models with real-time RTX rendering

NVIDIA also announced various other improvements in their software for easier access to build metaverse applications. The NextSpace digital twin platform will drive the use of AI, analytics, and simulation to normalise data and geometry. 

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Earlier this week, NVIDIA partnered with Rescale to launch HPC-as-a-service platform, bringing full-stack AI software to the cloud. The chief Jensen Huang said that with this partnership, developers will be able to use its AI tools on the cloud with their supported workflows and AI engines. 

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