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Big Data and Machine Learning: Reforming the Health Industry, a Social Cause

Big Data and Machine Learning: Reforming the Health Industry, a Social Cause

As this is a time to globalize each and every arena and information technology is playing a vital role to think and analyze intelligently. Here comes a baby of information technology into picture which is much in hype these days, Big Data and Machine Learning which has already shown its intelligence into various fields like retail, banking, and so on. However, a lot more can be achieved by analytics using the mix of these technologies when there is humongous data already present and lot many patterns and prediction are hidden inside, which can’t be seen by bare eyes. Here, tremendous data can be managed by Big Data Technology and data analysis using Machine Learning software’s.

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Analytics can benefit our medical research industry to produce such magnificent results by which we not only reach the root of predominant diseases, however, we can eradicate them as well. Also, we can predict the diseases which may erupt in future could be by seeing the past trends and current measurement based on multiple parameters. This can help the doctors and Medical researchers to find a way to eradicate the diseases and improvise the health services.


How do we know there could be so many reasons behind every disease and one may lead to another serious disease? The reason could be because of genetics, one’s eating habits, geographical & environmental, working habits, cultural, behavioral and the list goes on.  Therefore, all the information has to be well captured and integrated. Post that, Data scientists, technologists and researchers can put their brains to analyze the trends, get to know the predictions and land to valid analysis and conclusion.


To help understand, below are the reasonable benefits of how Big Data and Machine Learning can reform the health industry and can benefit the society.

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  • Find the hidden patterns and can find the reason of the prevailing disease/ predict any disease havoc in future
  • Perform a comparative analysis and find out a reason to cure many diseases and improvising health care services. Comparative analysis like why the mortality rate is low in a particular hospital/locality as compared to other hospitals/regions, why a disease is persisting to a particular region only?
  • Find hidden pattern of the diseases, that could lead to other drastic disease which no one could ever thought off or had happened in the past due to the current prevailing conditions
  • Help to predict the response of a drug on a disease and patient, could be favorable or a reaction
  • Most importantly this will bring down the number of patients due to more awareness as a result of research output and more people will stand by believing in precaution is better than cure. Better health care services even reducing the overall expenditure on the treatment, effort spent on the last moment diagnosis and much more.


Data Scientists and doctors have been doing research towards this revolutionary step. To reference a few, Microsoft demonstrating how Machine Learning and Big Data Are Changing the Face of Biological Sciences, 17 years old young girl developing a system to detect Breast Cancer and tricks to cure Parkinson’s disease.


This is a bigger picture and a big challenge. However, it is only possible when most of the Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, geographical and environmental details goes managed by using software solutions and going forward in healthy sprits, data is being shared globally for better analysis and disease eradication. It need many hands. Doctors, biologist, data scientist, pharma researchers, technologist, environmental, social and legal experts have to aligned their thoughts, experience and work together. Most importantly all countries government extreme involvement and understanding towards the mission of reforming the health industry and society which is right now on the way.

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