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Big Data Innovation Summit – Mumbai

Big Data Innovation Summit – Mumbai

Star-IE-BlacksmallerBig Data Innovation arrives in Mumbai this fall for deep discussions & presentations on how India can embrace Big Data and improve business practices across all industries. An event not just for those working within data but business executives of all backgrounds.

Big Data is only just emerging in the Indian region and businesses are now realizing the potential it can offer, traditionally the Indian market has invested in technologies from solution providers, its only now that organizations are building their own Data Science departments, the possibilities are emerging…

Deep Learning DevCon 2021 | 23-24th Sep | Register>>

The Big Data Innovation Summit brings together thought-leaders from the industry for an event acclaimed for its interactive sessions and high-level speakers.

As many organizations are now working with unmanageably large data sets, the importance of using and maintaining an analytics platform which can cope with this scale of information is essential. This presents both a challenge and opportunity as organizations must identify patterns and gain actionable results in order to gain a crucial advantage over competitors.

Illustrated intermittently with case studies, interactive panel sessions and deep-dive discussions, this summit
offers solutions and insight from the leaders operating in the Big Data space.

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Big Data Innovation will help your business understand & utilize data-driven strategies and discover what disciplines will change because of the advent of data. With a vast amount of data now available, modern businesses are faced with the challenge of storage, management, analysis, visualization, security and disruptive tools & technologies.

Big Data Innovation Summit
Date: October 30 & November 1
Location: Mumbai, India

Book early to avoid disappointment – for any registration related questions
please contact Chris on [email protected]

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