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Binge Learn For Free With GitHub Student Developer Pack

Binge Learn For Free With GitHub Student Developer Pack

Rohit Yadav
GitHub Student Developer Pack

In an attempt to empower students, GitHub has been providing student developer pack to aspirants of various technologies. Since the introduction of this initiative six years ago, the platform has been providing a wide range of tools and training for free such that aspirants can get hands-on products and learn new skills.

GitHub with its partners is offering numerous tools right from programming language training to cloud computing and development software. The platform has also added new partners in August to further increase their portfolio.

We at Analytics India Magazine have handpicked some of the best categories that students should opt for.

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For a student to do well in any technology, they should be proficient in different programming languages. Today, some of the most relevant programming languages are Python, Java, JavaScript, Html, among others. These will empower students to pursue data science, android and web development.

Utilising Educative courses, students can learn a wide range of topics from their 60+ courses on offer. Apart from Educative, there are other similar e-learning partners such as, GoRails, One Month, and more.

Data Science

Data science is constantly evolving with the advancement of machine learning, and it is poised to keep growing. Thus, students should try their hands-on data science to try and solve business challenges with data. Learning data skills will place students ahead of the pack in machine learning and add another feather in the cap.

One of the facets of data scientists is their expertise in web scrapping, and GitHub has you covered with scrapinghub. And with EverSQL, you can learn to automatically optimise your queries. Further, you can learn machine learning from Educative and other course providers.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the mandatory skills that is expected by organisations as every firm is migrating to cloud for streamlining their business activities. Almost all the products are on the cloud. Therefore, students must definitely be familiar with it to effortlessly carry out different tasks.

In GitHub Student Development Pack, aspirants will get access to AWS Cloud and Microsoft Azure. These are the two most widely used cloud computing platforms, as a result, it will enable students several tasks that are performed in organisations.

Web Development

The web development landscape has withness many shifts as different frameworks proliferate all the time. Gaining expertise will allow them to build robust websites with the latest tools in the market.

This category has many partners such as DigitalOcean for cloud hosting, for domain and hosting,, and more.

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A developer can never get away from APIs as they assist in utilising the others code to expedite their development processes. Being proficient in API will help you in solving sophisticated problems by embracing code written by other developers.

Students can enhance their skill by, mailgun, and Transloadit to manage emails and automate file conversion. You can integrate with these APIs into your web or android applications for handling emails and files.


As a student, mostly they focus on cracking an interview and getting a good job. Thus students should focus on preparing for it with Interview Cake. This offers programming coding practice and cheat sheets for quick reference.


The GitHub Student Developer Pack has a lucrative $45,000 dollar worth of tools and training. It can be overwhelming for students so they should devise a plan to start and complete one course or tool at a time. Failing to do so may lead to ineffective use of all the fee pack.

While we only picked a few of the providers, you can explore and learn the things you aspire to and achieve great heights in your career.

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