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Bosch bets big on connected car experience, ties up with Indian app makers

Bosch bets big on connected car experience, ties up with Indian app makers

Image: Bosch

German engineering and electronics behemoth Bosch and a leading automotive technology players is eying the connected car experience. According to recent news reports, the German auto parts maker is tying up with app companies in India to provide a “connected car experience”. Some of the leading Indian app-makers teaming up are Car Radio, Justdial, Overdrive, Moneycontrol and UrSafe (developed by UST Global).

Bosch revealed it has been at work with several app developers across the world to strengthen its platform, as it believes a connected car experience and the reams of data generated will help the German technology major drive it’s growth in the future. The company is betting big on data generated that can be used by leading automobile players. Sri Krishnan, Vice-President, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions reportedly said, “In future, automobile manufacturers can use our platform to make vehicle data available to apps”.

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Dubbing the cars as the “third living space” after homes and offices, providing the right service is crucial. Globally, Bosch has partnered with 50 apps, including AccuWeather, Speaking Email, mysms.

According to a recent statement, titled “Connected Car Effect 2025”, the Bosch study details the benefits of connected and assisted driving for the US, China and Germany upto the year 2025.

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  • 260,000 accidents avoided, nearly 400,000 tons of CO2 emissions saved, considerable time gains
  • EUR 4.43 billion lower material and damage costs
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With everybody living their life behind the wheel, automated driving will provide multiple benefits such as relaxed highway travel, cars driving ahead will send advanced warning of slowing traffic, and saving fuel with vehicles reducing intake of gas before a dangerous situation can arise. At the end of a journey, navigational devices will guide the driver directly to a free parking area or the car will even find its way through the parking garage completely independently.

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