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How Is Catering To Individuals With It’s “Not-Too-Technical” Yet Powerful Chatbot Creation Tool

How Is Catering To Individuals With It’s “Not-Too-Technical” Yet Powerful Chatbot Creation Tool

An idea which was conceptualized from a simple mission of simplifying the way digital world works,, a 2016 founded company has come a long way. With an aim of turning everything about a user into a conversation, Bottr is enabling the world to talk to each other through personal chatbots. Starting with providing a clean tool to help everyone better engage, grow and monetize their audience, Bottr has come up with many more intriguing offerings over the time.

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Especially designed for anyone with a voice online, is an intelligent yet intuitive AI based platform where anyone can build their rich and interactive knowledge base and ultimately stand out in the digital world.

Abhimanyu Godara, Founder and CEO, explains “Bottr essentially helps you grow and monetize your audience and can be embedded on a number of channels such as website widget, social media profiles or email signatures, for your audiences to discover. It may act as a blog, a user’s knowledge portfolio, indicate expertise level in a particular industry or from what we’ve seen it may also be used by businesses as an FAQ assistant or customer service agent”.

On converting idea to reality

The team is proud to be contributing in the chatbot space as they are one of the very few chatbot creation tools that caters to individuals. “As opposed to being a pure B2B solution, we wanted to bring this amazing piece of tech to everyone who has been looking for a “not-too-technical” yet powerful chatbot creation tool”, says Godara.

Tapping onto the opportunity of how chat as a platform has emerged and drastically changed the way content is created and consumed, Bottr team created a platform dedicated for chat. “We went ahead and interacted with bloggers, marketers, influencers and thought leaders and found something rather interesting: there was a clear lack of noise-free and personalized engagement channels”, he said.

“That’s what got us thinking, we wanted to bridge the gap between conversation and engagement- somewhere in between, was born”, adds Godara.

On chatbot market in India, competition, growth story and more…

Answering the question on how competitive the chatboat market is in India, Godara comments “The way I see it is that chatbot market share is distributed globally with high interest from the US, South East Asian and European markets. Since we cater to a global audience, the competition in India is not something that has affected us majorly.”

He further notes that they are one of the only chatbot platforms created for consumers and are driven by a completely different business model and mission.

“That being said, we do face competition but we try to have the upper hand by constantly upgrading our platform and focusing on optimizing the product and user experience itself. From what we’ve seen, this has been a key factor in our acquisition, retention and growth cycles”, he said.

Boasting a clientele of over 10K+ bots, created by small and local businesses, agencies, bloggers, influencers, designers, artists, marketers and thought leaders, Godara agrees to the fact that their growth has been overwhelming. “We did expect to take off but not on the scale that we actually did and we couldn’t have asked for more”, he gushes.

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Apart from the marketing and outreach efforts that they invested in, the startup has been lucky in terms of getting traction from word of mouth with bot makers recommending their platform in their circles and networks.

“As cliché as this may sound, our growth came from our happy bot makers”, notes Godara.

On overcoming the challenges

“Being a startup in the tech space is similar to being on a rollercoaster ride packed with  adrenaline, fear and happiness!”, says Godara. For starters, it’s one of the most fast-paced ecosystems with new ideas and projects conceptualizing every day coupled with dominance from big players, he further explains. He also adds that lack of defensibility is another challenge as it is comparatively easier to build and launch a project, while it is much harder to maintain and scale up.

“Last but not the least, getting really good talent on board is hard and expensive to say the least, which is why we invest in our employees and try and give them no reason to leave”, he says in the concluding.

The startup had recently raised funding from 500 startups, Poorvi Capital and Rajan Anandan(VP, Southeast Asia and India, Google). Apart from utilizing the funds to enter the B2B space and growing the user base, the team plans to utilize it for team building and product development purposes.

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