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BRIDGEi2i Launches COVID-19 Global Monitor To Share Insights Into The Pandemic

BRIDGEi2i Launches COVID-19 Global Monitor To Share Insights Into The Pandemic

BRIDGEi2i Launches COVID-19 Global Monitor To Share Insights Into The Pandemic

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, BRIDGEi2i has launched a COVID-19 Global Monitor to share insights into the pandemic and its impact on sectors/ economies/ communities etc.

In a recent LinkedIn post, Prithvijit Roy, the CEO and Co-founder at BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions, stated that this is an attempt to “create the First Version of the COVID-19 Monitor.”

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The post stated — “What’s happening in the world is unprecedented. We hope we will get back to the normal world in some time. As analytics practitioners, we thought we would leverage our expertise to share insights from what we see as the emerging trends and patterns from the COVID data .. hence our attempt to create the First Version of the COVID-19 Monitor.”

The COVID-19 Global Monitor collates information from various industries/ sources and visualises their impact for the sectors/economy/community as the case might be.

According to their website, “BRIDGEi2i has been keenly watching the developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and have been analysing it with some data-centric curiosity. We feel that the availability of data improves the understanding of any problem before us and can help us fight it better.” And that’s why by studying the recent trends carefully, the company has developed this COVID-19 Global Monitor.

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Further BRIDGEi2i’s website stated — “Countries have been trying hard to manage this pandemic through a policy of wider diagnosis, treatment, and containment but to limited success. Since no early cure seems in sight, it is widely thought that a policy of isolation can buy more time and probably develop some herd-immunity among the population that can flatten the curve. This has led to measures of social distancing, lockdowns and travel and several other restrictions being put in place across geographies—with a direct impact on trade, commerce, industry, and the economy. The financial implication of these measures is thought of to be as great as those seen during the World Wars.”

This comprehensive dashboard will, therefore, share insights on the global preview, along with country comparisons, India overview and Indian demographics.

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