Bringing Simplicity In HR Intelligence: The Startup Story Of GoEvals

In today’s volatile and fast-moving world, especially in the post-COVID era, organisations have a hard time implementing robust employee management processes and advanced recruitment practices. Their needs are critical and urgent; however, the solutions currently available in the market are either too complicated or don’t serve the need. Addressing this concern, GoEvals, an HR Tech startup, has developed simplified AI-powered intelligent tools for managing employees’ entire lifecycle.

While artificial intelligence in human resource functions is not new, GoEvals has leveraged Markov decision process to develop a unique decision matrix for MSMEs to streamline the time-consuming parts of hiring. 


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Founded in December 2019, GoEvals has seen a massive acceleration of digital transformation amid COVID, where organisations of all sizes are looking to digitise their hiring processes. Digital capability has become the sine qua non of the human resource function.

We got in touch with Dr Gaurav Hirey, the Founder & CEO of GoEvals, to understand his Mumbai-based startup’s success story and how its innovative and simplified AI-based tools are helping MSMEs execute HR digitisation.

“We have been working on a blueprint to simplify the process of HR technology implementation for a decade and more. And, amid COVID, we realised the HR tech solutions out there are either IT-driven or follow a complex IT framework making it challenging for organisations,” said Dr Hirey.

Leveraging AI

According to Dr Hirey, reports released at the beginning of 2020 stated that 42% of organisations believe their HR tech initiatives are either partially successful or a disaster. This high rate of failure is reflective of the faultlines in existing solutions.

“We have always believed there is an easier and less destructive way to leverage AI and data analytics in HR, and this is what inspired the idea of creating GoEvals,” said Dr Hirey. “Our platform offers intelligent digital HR tools that are simple, fast, reliable, and fits customers’ budgets.”

The startup applies artificial intelligence along with machine learning and predictive algorithms to streamline the resource-intensive parts of hiring. Using the Markov decision process, GoEvals has developed a unique and dynamic GoEvals decision matrix that drives all AI and analytics processes. “This decision-making matrix is developed and validated by our in house team, and we constantly keep updating it,” added Dr Hirey.

Explaining the process, Dr Hirey said — while setting up the Compatibility Index Test, the recruiter or HR personnel is asked to decide on the compatibility parameters most suited for the hiring roles. This set of data is loaded to the matrix for recording and setting standards. The recruiter can then send the test to the required candidate. The platform also has an inbuilt follow-up management process that keeps prompting candidates or evaluators to complete their roles, eliminating grunt work and freeing more time for recruiters.

The platform actively captures multiple data points the candidate shares during the test. Using the MDP framework and the decision-making matrix, the outcomes are derived by the algorithms developed by the GoEvals team. “These algorithms understand the data and try to arrive at decisions about the candidate’s actual ability to do the job, their cultural fit and personality,” added Dr Hirey.

The data is then presented (using data visualisation)to the recruiters and hiring managers. The platform also applies predictive analytics to forecast the candidate’s ability to deliver. The reports provide insights and use graphs, text and visuals that are easy to read and understand to facilitate data-based decision making.

The startup’s core tech stack comprises Vue.js, Laravel Web framework, NoSQL database and MongoDB. 

Growth & Future Plans

GoEvals is a bootstrapped startup; however, it is currently seeking seed funding and is open to like-minded individuals, startups, and MSMEs interested in being a part of its journey. The startup is also looking to expand globally, starting with launches in Thailand and UAE, coming year. “After the recent launch of our first two tools, we are currently working on onboarding about 50 clients by March 2021,” said Dr Hirey.

With its advanced AI tools, the startup competes directly with tech companies like People Strong, ADP, Gusto, Zoho, Bamboo HR, and others. “We believe that simplicity, especially in an age of information overload and complex solutions, is going to help lift the game of employee management and recruitment process,” said Dr Hirey.

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