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British Startup Develops AI-Accelerated Computational Alice Camera

British Startup Develops AI-Accelerated Computational Alice Camera

British Startup Develops The AI-Accelerated Computational Alice Camera

The British startup, Photogram AI has recently announced a new AI-powered camera called — Alice Camera. According to the company website, the camera — Alice is an “AI-accelerated computational camera” that has been designed to deliver better connectivity than a regular or advanced DSLR.

With global pandemic, and subsequent economic lockdown in hand, the company believes that video streaming has gone utterly mainstream. Along with that, smartphones have also been making considerable advancements in the field of computational photography. And that’s why Alice is trying to bridge that gap by bringing computational photography into DLSRs too for professional content creators.

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According to the company’s website, Alice Camera is an interchangeable lens camera that is equipped with a dedicated AI chip which will “elevate machine learning and pushes the boundaries of what a camera can do.”

The team comprises engineers, data scientists, and content creators, and it took them ten months to build Alice. The team believes that the view cameras have seriously lacked meaningful innovation over the last ten years. The startup said. “We believe you deserve an optical device more suited to the next decade.”

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Some of the critical features of Alice Camera:

  • Smartphone integrated design that is easy to operate
  • Fast WiFi-enabled mobile app to instantly share content.
  • Excellent UX/UI to improve workflow and post-processing
  • AI-enabled autofocus, exposure, colour science & more
  • Pro-quality sensor and flexible, interchangeable lens mount system
  • Innovation at an affordable price

The camera uses the Micro Four Thirds mount along with 50 professional quality lenses available. It also has an 11-megapixel Quad Bayer AI-powered HDR sensor, with autofocus for large pixels, low noise and high dynamic range.

The AI technology in the camera will purportedly help enhance many features of the camera, starting from autofocus, tuning, and exposure to the camera’s colour science.

The Alice camera has also been designed to allow the phone to be used as an external monitor at a distance as well. The smartphone system will help the camera to have easy firmware and app updates on a timely basis.

According to the company, the Alice camera is currently in the prototype stage, but will be launching through a crowdfunding campaign in the fall, and started to take pre-orders from interested users.

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