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NVIDIA Announces India’s Fastest HPC-AI Supercomputer PARAM Siddhi – AI

NVIDIA Announces India’s Fastest HPC-AI Supercomputer PARAM Siddhi – AI

C-DAC to Commission India’s Fastest HPC-AI Supercomputer With NVIDIA

NVIDIA has announced that the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) will commission India’s largest HPC-AI supercomputer — ‘PARAM Siddhi – AI.’ 

This HPC-AI supercomputer is a machine with 210 AI Petaflops (6.5 Petaflops Peak DP), which is based on the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD reference architecture comprising of — 42 NVIDIA DGX A100 systems; connected with NVIDIA Mellanox HDR InfiniBand networking along with indigenously developed HPC-AI engine; Software Frameworks; and cloud platform by C-DAC.

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With the approval of Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Minister of Electronics and IT and Law & Justice; Shri Ajay Prakash Sawhney, secretary at MeitY; Ashutosh Sharma, secretary at DST; and recommendation of National Supercomputing Mission’s technical advisory committee chaired by Dr V K Saraswat, this initiative will put India’s leadership on top of global AI supercomputing research and innovation.

The initiative has been lead by Abhishek Das, an innovative young scientist and program director at C-DAC, who has conceived the idea, designed the architecture of the largest HPC-AI Infrastructure in India.

Hemant Darbari, the director-general of C-DAC said, “PARAM Siddhi – AI, the State-of-the-Art large-scale HPC-AI scalable infrastructure, will be established under National Supercomputing Mission at the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) with support from Niti Aayog.”

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C-DAC software stack and cloud platform will play a pivotal role in developing a vibrant ecosystem for research and innovation in science and engineering. With three decades of expertise in artificial intelligence and augmenting the AI and language computing mission mode program of C-DAC, this infrastructure will accelerate experiments and outcomes for India specific grand challenge problems in Health Care, Education, Energy, Cyber Security, Space, Automotive and Agriculture. “It will catalyse partnerships with the Academia, Industry, MSMEs and Start-ups,” said Darbari.

NVIDIA is committed to supporting nations across the globe in their mission to advance the frontiers of AI-enabled research,” said Charlie Boyle, General Manager and Vice-President of DGX systems at NVIDIA. “The turnkey NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD architecture is central to helping C-DAC deploy its supercomputer in record time. With this new AI supercomputer, C-DAC will be able to unleash AI innovation at incredible scale to help India address some of its most important challenges now, and in the future”.

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