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Case Study: How Cure.Fit Used Technology & Advertising To Disrupt The Market To Their Advantage

Case Study: How Cure.Fit Used Technology & Advertising To Disrupt The Market To Their Advantage

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Textbooks have taught us what does the 4P’s mean in marketing but a Bangalore based business start-up has actually redefined how to bring life to these 4P’s and go beyond the boundaries by creating their own ecosystem of customer experience and delight.

What is Cure.Fit?

Cure.Fit is a Bangalore based start-up with health and fitness as key themes offering digital and offline experiences. The brain behind this company are two superhumans who revolutionised the e-commerce ecosystem in India- Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori (ex- Flipkart transformation leaders).  

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Below are some lessons from which we all can really take inspiration and impart their learning in whatever field we operate in: –

Start small, grow big: The company initially started with one office in HSR and a fitness centre in the same area (HSR). Today it operates more than 100 centres in the city of Bangalore and has also expanded to other cities (Gurgaon, Hyderabad to name a few). The learning is that if the vision and business model is strong enough, no storm is difficult to bear even in this era of cut-throat competition 

Related diversification and acquisition: With their eye on key theme of fitness and overall well-being, they have marched ahead in a seamless manner. It started with Cult.Fit (a great answer to the monotonous gym), then moved to Mind Fit (a mental well-being-cum-yoga centre), Eat.Fit (food segment operating in the healthy category), Care Fit (diagnostic cum medical unit).

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They have acquired a number of fitness centres and yoga centres and have aligned them towards the Cure.Fit family (example: a 1,000 yoga aligned to Mind.Fit, Fitness first aligned to Cult.Fit).

Customer experience: Irrespective of the category you chose to interact with them, whether it is Cult.Fit or Mind.Fit, they have simplified the process and have ensured that the process is simplified through the integration of technology and human connection.

For example: Once a person decides to join Cult.Fit, he/she needs to simply go to play store and download the app, buy the desired pack and book the slot/ class – all through a mobile device. Even at the centre, a centre manager will be there to make the transition smooth by guiding all necessary steps. To top it up, the special attention from the trainers and the charming banners in the background ensures that the first day at Cult is indeed a memorable one for one and all.

Focus on Core Competencies: It is important to note that all the related acquisitions and diversifications have been done only along with the vision they initially set aside. They know their universe and are only operating in the terrains where they think they have a good hold of their expertise

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Customer centricity: Hustle free booking, the convenience of energy bars, drinks and first-aid availability at the centres till the hygienic washrooms equipped with towels and body wash ensures that all customers have a convenient experience at the centre

Pricing and discounting: Their whole idea revolves around an individual attaining their fitness goals, which just behaves the way how SIP functions in case of Mutual fund. The longer we keep investing, the better are the chances of getting returns. Even at Cult, the pricing is centred by encouraging users to opt for a 6 month or a 12-month subscription by offering them at a lower price compared to a daily plan or a monthly plan. To top it up, they also keep observing payday offers (at the beginning of every month), considering all salaried people might have received their salaries and thus encouraging them to spend on a rationale cause. 

Celebrity endorsement: To associate the users of Cult feel motivated and inspired they have done tie-ups with multiple inspirational figures across the country such as Hrithik Roshan (actor), K L Rahul (cricketer), Tiger Shroff (actor) and Milind Soman (actor)

Brand recall: Finally, every class at Cult ends with a huddle where the trainer provides an inspirational speech and all the members shout out loud – WE ARE CULT!! The noise of the roar of 25 odd people is strong enough to inspire an individual throughout the day and make them motivated to come better and stronger the following day

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