Case Study: How Jaypee Hospital Is Using 3D Imaging Technology To Improve Their Interventional Radiology Procedures

How Jaypee Hospital Is Using 3D Imaging Technology To Improve Their Interventional Radiology Procedures

A flagship initiative from the Jaypee Group, Jaypee Hospital at Noida is a 1200 bedded tertiary care multi-speciality facility, which has been providing quality care for its patients by upgraded diagnostic capabilities. Jaypee Hospital has a vision of providing affordable medical care to the masses, with services like radiology and mammography, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI scan, bone densitometry, fluoroscopy, interventional radiology, along with digital X-rays and image-guided interventions. The hospital aims to provide advanced healthcare facilities clubbed with the latest diagnostic services and state-of-the-art technology focused on medical specialities.

The Challenge

In radiology, the ability to access good quality medical images on a single display offers significant benefits, from workflow as well as clinical perspective. In diagnosing an ailment or an illness, physicians frequently order diagnostic scans such as an X-ray, CT scan, or an MRI. While medical knowledge and discernment form the basis of a health practitioner’s diagnoses and decisions, medical imaging is a vital part of confirming any diagnosis. Medical imaging can also assist in making decisions regarding treatment and future care of the issue. As technology advances, medical imaging can inform the radiologist about the internal problems that a basic external examination would fail to detect. And therefore, high-quality medical display monitors for imaging and scans are of the utmost importance when it comes to making accurate diagnoses.

Case in point — the imaging and radiology department of Jaypee Hospital, was in urgent need of a robust visualisation system that could provide high-quality images for different modalities, including CT, MRI, mammography and angiography. The hospitals were running on traditional 4MP displays and soon realised that the quality was not of a high enough standard. The hospital was also facing challenges in managing and ensuring compliance of their medical flat panel display network.

Dr Parul Garg, Associate Director of Radiology at Jaypee hospital, said, “I needed a perfect high-resolution viewing solution, which could improve the workflow and help me in making a more confident diagnosis.” 

The ability to access high-quality 3D images on a single display not only eliminates the need for radiologists to change workstations for completing patient studies but also helps in running a side-by-side comparison of the images, which, in turn, help radiologists to understand the impact and creates an early detection of anomalies if present.

The hospital witnesses thousands of new patients registering every year, and to offer every one of them the best possible care, the hospital is continuously looking to upgrade its facilities.

The Solution

The hospital required a system of diagnostic displays that matched their specific requirements. Image quality was of extreme importance, along with its ergonomic design. To improve their diagnostic quality as well as the overall workflow of the radiology department, Jaypee Hospital switched from analogous film reporting to PACS (Picture Archiving & Communication System) supported digital imaging solutions. 

They wanted a brand which could be trusted. And, therefore last year, the hospital installed a series of Barco medical displays to support their digital PACS reporting system. The hospital introduced Barco’s robust imaging technology to obtain high-quality medical images during diagnoses. Barco’s Nio Color 5MP has been designed for radiology, mammography, and breast tomosynthesis, with bright, colour calibrated and highly detailed image presentation. 

It’s the excellent capability of fast rendering coloured as well as black and white images with suitable brightness and contrast ratio makes it a perfect choice for 3D mammography. These also help in discerning the most subtle image details for an accurate diagnosis. And the additional resolution allows them to fit more of the image on the screen with reduced panning and zooming.

According to Garg, believing in Barco, was the best move by the hospital towards their radiology department. After trying out other competitor systems, Garg decided upon Barco’s for their combination of good quality products and services. “The features of Nio Color 5.8 MP are robust, as well as user-friendly,” said Garg.

Additionally, the new system offers a host of advantages, including easy manipulation of images to get the best possible view, centralisation of information from different sources, and maximum flexibility. The product uses Barco’s integrated front sensor and works perfectly together with other existing solutions for automated quality assurance and calibration. 

With integrated smart features, radiologists can easily take control and improve their productivity. The texted features of the product allow the user to focus on an area of interest to unveil even more details. During the process, even the auxiliary displays can be dimmed automatically, so they don’t interfere with the reading experience. Alongside, the display also offers ergonomic comfort and allows the user to switch between all the three DICOM viewing modes — colour, blue-base and clear-base images.

The high-performance LED backlights of the product are also extremely beneficial for the radiologists. Both maintenance and operational costs of Nio Color 5MP are affordable, and the displays are equipped with an integrated glass cover to safeguard the investment. The system includes complete solutions, from display and controllers to workflow tools and calibration. 


With Barco’s Nio Colour 5.8 MP, Jaypee Hospital was hugely benefited in creating visual representations of their patients’ body. Their high precision display system brought accuracy and efficiency in clinical detection and helped radiologists with a confident diagnosis. As a radiologist, Garg wanted to detect suspicious findings in the earliest stage, and Barco’s diagnostic displays helped her in seeing the most subtle clinical details for improved decisions. 

Usually, a CT scan or an MRI can produce hundreds of images that need to be reviewed by radiologists. Not only its time consuming to analyse all the images, but also turns out to be frustrating for radiologists who need to look at every single cross-section image before deciding on a course of treatment. However, by deploying 3D technology within medical imaging, Jaypee radiologists are now able to take those cross-section slices and combine them into a concise 3D visual of the area being scanned. These clinical tools can enhance diagnostic accuracy, improve reading comfort, and accelerate workflow. 

Another added benefit was the efficiency of the Barco’s team. Within no time, the team was able to provide the required information that Garg needed. Garg also enjoyed the hands-on experience with Barco sales executives who were assisting her throughout the process, starting from the initial online contact, right through to training and installation.

The whole radiology department of Jaypee hospital has now been using the system for a year for all their imaging studies. She said, “The images are so good that I feel it is difficult to miss the details with it in use.” She also mentioned that working with Barco’s high imaging technology, Garg was able to enhance her capability in detecting abnormalities, especially fine micro defects, therefore increasing the accuracy of the process. Garg also believes, without any doubt, there has been a significant improvement in the speed and accuracy of diagnosis. “The images make it comfortable to segregate cases, which are routinely normal from the ones that need special evaluation.”

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