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Casio launches its first fitness watch for women

Casio launches its first fitness watch for women

Smartwatch manufacturer Casio launched Baby-G BGA-240 fitness watch in India. Targeted at the female demographics, the fitness watch is dubbed as a fitness companion and a fashion accessory. Released under the Casio’s Runners’ Collection, the watch comes in white, black, and bright pink besides bright colours such as black and green and is priced at an affordable INR 5,995. Packing all the features of a fitness tracker, the watch supports all the conventional monitoring functionalities. Its round dial allows runners to catch a quick glance at the watch on the move. The watch is light, weighing only 41g, is shock resistant and with strap and body made of durable resin.

The launch is in line with the company’s attempts to boost its presence in the fitness market and has trained its sights on launching more fitness-oriented products/wearables. According to company’s press release, Casio will soon be introducing similar wearables in the future, with announcements later in the year.

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According to Kulbhushan Seth, VP, Casio India said, “This season, we wanted to give BABY-G a more sophisticated style for those young women who prefer being active and staying fit. We are confident that our new Baby-G Runners’ Collection will offer style and fitness to the fitness fanatic girls.”

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