What Exactly Is Google AI’s MURAL: Multimodal, Multi-task Retrieval Across Languages

MURAL uses multitask learning applied to image–text pairs in combination with translation pairs covering over 100 languages.

57 Years of Fuzzy Logic, Its Inventor Honoured By Google

Fuzzy logic is a type of many-valued logic where the true value of variables can be any real number between 0 and 1

Top 5 Announcements At PyTorch Developer Day Conference

While PyTorch Live remained the biggest announcement of the PyTorch Developer Day Conference 2021, there are many important highlights.

Will Timnit Gebru’s New Institute Take On Big Tech’s Influence On AI Research

“AI needs to be brought back down to earth. It has been elevated to a superhuman level, which leads us to believe it is inevitable and beyond our control.”

The Trifecta of Data Transformation: AI, Smart Analytics and Automation

Council Post: The Trifecta of Data Transformation—AI, Smart Analytics and Automation

The data transformation wave is taking over enterprises across industries and functions. Organisations tend to…

Starting From The Basics: Integrating AI In Your Start-Up

Council Post: Starting From The Basics—Integrating AI In Your Start-Up

AI has become the next big innovation that established companies and start-up organisations are fighting…

AWS Introduces A New Platform For Developing Robotics Applications

AWS Introduces A New Platform For Developing Robotics Applications

Amazon introduced AWS IoT RoboRunner during a keynote address at its Amazon Web Services (AWS)…

How Data Science Can Help Overcome The Global Chip Shortage

Council Post: How Data Science Can Help Overcome The Global Chip Shortage

The modern world, which relies on silicon chips for almost everything, has been hit by…

Top AI-Based Geopolitical News Of 2021

In 2021, we saw AI taking a central place in the political space globally

Superficial Knowledge Does Not Help To Crack AI And ML Job Roles

Hype around data science often makes candidates mould non-AI and non-ML roles into AI and Ml ones during job interviews

Ethics Of AI: 193 Members Of UNESCO Adopt Recommendations

In a historic global agreement, all 193 members of UNESCO adopt the recommendations on the ethics of AI document

How Design(art) + Technology (AI) Became The Theme For Innovation In 2021

As artists and AI experts come together, they are creating artworks that are beyond traditional definitions.