Why Fractal’s Samya Deal Is More Than Just A Product Acquisition

Fractal, a global provider of analytics and artificial intelligence, has announced the acquisition of Samya.ai…

Top 10 Papers Presented At CVPR 2021

At the annual virtual computer vision event CVPR 2021, students, academics and researchers from across…

LVMH And Google Cloud Partner To Make High-End More High-Tech

In 2019, French luxury conglomerate Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) awarded the LVMH Innovation Award…

Microsoft fluid workflow

Microsoft Rolls Out The Future Of Hybrid Workplaces

Microsoft sees the launch of its Fluid Framework as the ‘start of a community built around developer technologies for building collaborative applications.’

Hail Dr Fill, The New AI-based Crossword King That Beat Humans

Five million people from across the world solve crossword puzzles every day. Out of this,…

Is Tivoli Google’s Answer To Duolingo?

Since the introduction of Google Translate 13-years ago, methodologies such as neural machine translation, rewriting-based…

MusicBERT: Microsoft’s Large Scale Pre-Trained Model For Symbolic Music Understanding

Microsoft recently developed a large scale pre-trained model for symbolic music understanding called MusicBERT. Symbolic…

Accelerating Innovation — Uniting Research & Open Source

Accelerating Innovation — Uniting Research & Open Source

We are witnessing a change where these labs release libraries or utilities under open source licences to accelerate innovation and wider adoption.

DeepMind AGI

DeepMind Has A Solution For AGI. Not Many Agree

Rewards are sufficient to express a wide variety of goals but are they enough for creating artificial general intelligence(AGI)?


Now, An Auction Of Source Code Of World Wide Web As NFT

A Non-fungible token for the source code of the world wide web (WWW) will go on auction at an initial bidding price of $1,000.

Facebook deepfake

Facebook AI Reverse Engineers Deepfake Attacks

Facebook’s initiative, led by MSUs Vishal Asnani, attempts to solve the deepfake problem using reverse engineering

Airbnb smart pricing

Airbnb’s Smart Pricing: All-Inclusive Algorithm Leads To Racial Disparity

Analysis of Airbnb’s data reveals the low adoption rate of its Smart Pricing algorithm among black hosts, leading to racial disparity.