Majority Of Tech Leaders Think Their Workplace Is Inclusive, Research Says Otherwise

A new study reaffirms the existence of bias in the technological field.

Intel Unveils Roadmap To Recover Lost Glory

We have a clear path for the next decade of innovation to go to ‘1’ and well beyond.

Inside Google’s Quest To Become A Cloud Computing Giant

Though late to the party, GCP has seen robust growth over the years.

Stanford Researchers Develop AI Model To Predict Wheel-Spinning Among Students

In our work, we use Shapley values and the python implementation SHAP package to inform interventions.

Inside LinkedIn’s Big Data Pipelines

In 2019, LinkedIn released Dagli, an open-source machine learning library for Java.

Researchers Expose Numerical Errors In NMT Systems

Researchers Expose Numerical Errors In NMT Systems

Mistranslation constitutes a critical but under-explored category with serious implications.

What Is A Zero-Day Attack?

The zero-day refers to the fact that a developer has just learnt about the vulnerability and has ‘zero days’ to fix it.

Researchers Introduce Enhanced Deep RL Model For Automated Playtesting

Our focus is on combining DRL and MCTS to predict pass and churn rates as measures of game difficulty and engagement.

How AI Is Helping Space Debris Removal Efforts

The European Space Agency has outlined plans to launch its first debris removal project in 2025 with Swiss startup ClearSpace.

IIT innovations

Tech Innovations By IITs In 2021 (So Far)

IITs are at the forefront of innovation in the country. We take a look at the top innovations powered by IITs this year so far.

How Microsoft’s AI For Accessibility Is Addressing The Issue Of Data Desert

AI-based technology has been very generalised and hence very exclusionary in catering to persons with disabilities.

PM Modi Launches Initiatives To Make AI A Household Name

AI For All is a four-hour, self-paced learning program that demystifies AI in an inclusive manner