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COVID 19 Vaccine
Breaking Boundaries
Vishal Chawla

Dark Web Peddlers Are Selling Fake COVID 19 Vaccines

CYFIRMA, threat discovery and cyber intelligence platform company backed by Goldman Sachs, Zodius Capital, and Z3P Partners, has launched a report publishing their observations about

serverless cybersecurity
Breaking Boundaries
Rohit Yadav

Top 5 Open-Source Serverless Security Tools

In the last few years, serverless architecture has gained popularity to accelerate the development of applications. A serverless infrastructure has several advantages, such as supporting

Breaking Boundaries
Ambika Choudhury

Top TED Talks On Cybersecurity One Must Watch

With the proliferation of data, cybersecurity jobs have increasingly been considered one of the most demanding professions among organizations. The global cybersecurity market was valued