Category: Breaking Boundaries

Breaking Boundaries
K L Krithika

What Happened to Meta’s One Image to Bind it All?

With one embedding space, Meta’s ImageBind pairs five different modalities with their link to images. Though the paper is brilliant, there has not been much work done with it. 

Breaking Boundaries
Vandana Nair

Turning Rural India into Data Mining Hubs

“It currently takes an average low-income Indian over 7 generations to make USD 1500 in savings and a Karya worker can make the same amount in less than a year.”

Breaking Boundaries
Tasmia Ansari

Open Source is the Base of Tech for Good 

“By using open source you are not limited by pre-written code. You get diverse perspectives from thousands of people around the globe,” stated IBM Call For Code director Ruth Davis

Breaking Boundaries
Vandana Nair

Big Tech’s Race Towards Nuclear Energy

In 2022 alone, investments over $3.4 billion went into nuclear energy, with tech biggies such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, Sam Altman, and others vested in it

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