Charlie Bell

Former Amazonian Charlie Bell Takes Over Microsoft’s Security Arm

Charlie Bell will be assuming his new role after a 23-year stint with Amazon AWS, where he oversaw engineering, operations, and product development.

GitHub Copilot

Upto 40 Percent Of GitHub Copilot Generated Code May Be Insecure

A study has revealed that codes designed by Copilot could include bugs or design flaws that an attacker can potentially exploit.

Ransomware Hackers

Why Ransomware Hackers Love Holidays

Ransomware takes time to disseminate throughout a network, and hackers have maximum control over most systems.

Cosmos DB

Cosmo DB To ChaosDB: Major Azure Breach Exposes Thousands Of Vulnerable Accounts

Wiz was able to gain complete and unrestricted access to thousands of Azure customers, including many Fortune 500 companies via a Jupyter Notebook feature.

What Does Darktrace & Microsoft’s Partnership Mean For Cloud Security?

Microsoft and autonomous cybersecurity AI company Darktrace, have entered into a partnership to provide customers…

Cyber insurance

Should Companies Consider Cyber Insurance?

The aftereffects of last year’s SolarWinds hack continues with the latest developments pointing to a…

GitHub Hires Its First Chief Security Officer. Should More Companies Opt For It?

GitHub recently hired Mike Hanley as its first-ever Chief Security Officer to lead security efforts…

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Cybersecurity experts have become the most sought after professional in the post COVID world as…

The Critical Role Of Cybersecurity Chief In 2021

Pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of many organisations. All industries, even the traditional ones,…

Top Cyber Security Trends In 2021

The pandemic has forced businesses to step up their cybersecurity efforts to protect their systems…

Why Banks & Financial Institutions Must Take Extra Cybersecurity Measures During Festive Season

Why Banks & Financial Institutions Must Take Extra Cybersecurity Measures During Festive Season

Technological advancement in the past few decades has changed the way people live and how…


Solorigate: What Went Behind The ‘Disastrous’ SolarWinds Hack

US-based SolarWinds suffered one of the most disastrous cyberattacks of the year that has potentially…