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Stanford Researchers Put Deep Learning On A Data Diet

“How much of the data is superfluous? Which examples are important for generalisation? And how…


How To Process Humongous Datasets Using Vaex?

Vaex is a Python library for Out-of-Core DataFrames and helps to load, visualize and explore big tabular datasets. It can aid in calculating statistical operations such as mean, sum, count, standard deviation etc., on an N-dimensional grid, up to a billion rows per second.

Hands-On Guide To Image Extrapolation With Boundless-GAN

Image extrapolation is such a task in computer vision that aims to fill the surrounding region of a sub-image, e.g. completing the object appearing in the image or predicting the unseen view from the scene picture. This task is extremely challenging since the extrapolated image must be realistic with reasonable and meaningful context. Moreover, the extrapolated region should be consistent in structure and texture with the original sub-image.

Complete Tutorial on Parts Of Speech (PoS) Tagging

Classifying words in their part of speech and providing them labels according to their part of speech is called part of speech tagging or POS tagging OR POST.  Hence the set of labels/tags is called a tagset. Next in the article, we will discuss how we can implement that POST part of any NLP task

A Guide To PyXLL-Jupyter Package For Excel Integration

A Guide To PyXLL-Jupyter Package For Excel Integration

Last year, PyXLL released its PyXLL-Jupyter plugin. The new extension combines the ease of use of Excel with the interactivity of Jupyter.

GitHub Repository

8 Open Source GitHub Repositories That Are Trending Right Now

San Francisco-based Internet hosting for software development GitHub was founded in 2008, and acquired by…

How To Paraphrase Text Using PEGASUS Transformer

In recent years, if you have explored Data Science, you must have heard or come…

Guide To BIRCH Clustering Algorithm(With Python Codes)

BIRCH clustering algorithm is provided as an alternative to MinibatchKMeans. It converts data to a tree data structure with the centroids being read off the leaf. And these centroids can be the final cluster centroid or the input for other cluster algorithms like AgglomerativeClustering.     

Guide To Question Answer Retrieval With Multilingual Universal Sentence Encoder

Due to the explosion of the internet and the existence of several multicultural communities, one of the major challenges faced by this system is multilingual. In a multilingual scenario, it is expected that the QA system will be able to do: answer questions formulated in several languages and look for answers in several collections in different languages. There are two kinds of recognizable QA systems that manage information in different languages, i.e. cross-lingual QA system and a second multilingual QA system. The first one addresses the situation where questions are formulated in different languages from a single document. The second one performs a search over two or more document collections in different languages.

Comprehensive Guide To Web Scraping With Selenium

Web scraping, surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, etc., are some of the widely used mechanisms for gathering insightful data. However, web scraping is considered the most reliable and efficient data collection method out of all these methods. Web scraping, also termed as web data extraction, is an automatic method for scraping large data from websites. It processes the HTML of a web page to extract data for manipulation, such as collecting textual data and storing it into some data frames or in a database.

Guide To AC and PAC Plots In Time Series

when we talk about the time-series data, many factors affect the time series, but the only thing that affects the lagged version of the variable is the time series data itself

Scala libraries

8 Scala Libraries For Data Science In 2021

– Apache Spark MLlib & ML
– DeepLearning4J
– BigDL
– H2O Sparkling Water
– Conjecture
– Akka
– Spray
– Slick