Developers Corner

10 Best Online Resources To Learn NumPy

Check out the 10 best resources available online to learn NumPy.

Julia Computing

Julia 1.6 Released: Major Updates & Latest Features

Julia is one of the fastest open-source computing languages for numeric computing applications.

Python Decorators

Step-by-Step Introduction to Python Decorators

Python Decorator enables developers to modify or extend a function or class’s functionalities by wrapping it using a single line of code.

Deep Dive Into Scorecard Development for Banking Industry

A scorecard is a risk scoring tool used to evaluate the level of risk associated with applicants.


Creating Interactive Data Reports With Datapane

Datapane is a Python module that enables you to quickly create shareable reports from existing data analysis components like Pandas DataFrames and plots from a wide range of visualisation libraries like Plotly and Bokeh.

What is Pruning in ML/AI?

Pruning is an optimization techniques that removes redundant or the least important parts of a model or search space.

MIT Researchers Develop An AutoML Platform To Transform Healthcare

Cardea takes the users through a pipeline with multiple choices and safeguards at each step.

model compression

Model Compression Is The Big ML Flavour Of 2021

Model compression is a technique of deploying state-of-the-art deep networks in devices with low power and resources, without compromising much on the accuracy of the model.

Point Transformer

How Point Transformer Excels In 3D Image Processing

Point Transformer reaches a new milestone in various public 3D image datasets by outperforming the present strongest models

synthetic data vault

Guide To Synthetic Data Vault: An Ecosystem Of Synthetic Data Generation Libraries

Synthetic Data Vault (SDV) is a collection of libraries for generating synthetic data for Machine Learning tasks.