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Top Open-Source Datasets For Object Detection In 2021

One of the challenging topics in the domain of computer vision, object detection, helps machines…

DeepMind Releases Algorithm To Create Mind-Blowing Paintings Just From Text

DeepMind researchers have developed an algorithm to generate paintings using a neural visual grammar system…


Guide To labelCloud: A Python Tool for Annotating 3D Point Clouds

3D deep learning finds crucial applications nowadays in many domains, including robotics, autonomous driving, virtual…

python context managers

Guide To Python Context Managers: Beyond Files

Context managers are one of those inherently Pythonic features that aren’t available in most languages. They provide a convenient syntax when your code has to open and close connections or manage limited resources.

How Does Machine Learning Hackathon Differ From Other Hackathons?

What comes to mind when you think of a ‘hackathon?’ Maybe a room full of…

Transfer Learning cover art

Exploring Transfer Learning Using TensorFlow Keras

Transfer Learning is the approach of making use of an already trained deep learning model along with its weights for a related task

Microsoft Releases Open-Source Tool To Test The Security Of AI Systems

Artificial intelligence systems take inputs in the form of visuals, audios, texts, etc. As a…

Basics of Julia

Basics Of Julia Programming Language For Data Scientists

Julia is a relatively new, fast, high-level dynamic programming language. Although it is a general-purpose…

Kaolin cover art

Guide To NVIDIA’s Kaolin: A 3D Deep Learning Library

NVIDIA’s Kaolin is a PyTorch library for all 3D deep learning needs from data preprocessing to model deployment, intending faster research

Using GANs For High-Resolution Cosmology Simulations

The Big Bang theory posits our Universe is ever-expanding. Edward Hubble has confirmed the Expanding…

Things To Consider Before Building A Computer Vision Model Using AutoML

Are you thinking of learning programming languages like C++, Python or R to work on…

What Is Text Modular Network?

Complex machine learning tasks such as question-answer and numerical reasoning will be easier to solve…