Developers Corner

Hugging Face Datasets

Now Hugging Face Gives Away 650 NLP Datasets For Free

With Datasets, Hugging Face wants to standardise end-user interface, versioning, and documentation, and provide a lightweight frontend for internet-scale corpora.

NVIDIA Kaolin Library

NVIDIA Releases Latest Kaolin Library: What’s New

NVIDIA introduced the Kaolin library in 2019 and was originally an internship project and intended for the NVIDIA Toronto AI lab.

Uber Jellyfish

The Tech Behind Uber’s Jellyfish Data Storage Infrastructure

The Jellyfish can control its overall savings and has a preferred impact on CPU utilisation.

All You Need to Know about Data Fabric

Data Fabric uses existing metadata assets to support the design, deployment and proper utilization of data across all environments and platforms. The concept aims to accelerate the inference of insights from data through several different automated processes.

What Is Graph Analytics & Its Top Tools

Graph analytics, also known as Graph Algorithms, are analytic tools that are used to analyze relations and determine strength between the entities present in an organization such as products, customers and services, where these relationships are depicted in the form of a graph. 

Guide to Named Entity Recognition with spaCy and NLTK

In NLP data preprocessing tagging of data takes a very crucial part. here we is a type of tagging which we calls Named Entity Recognition helps in providing tag to Named entity.

Guide to Advanced Concepts in Statistics for Data Science

Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with quantified models and representations to analyze and perform experiments on real-world data.

Can We Speed Up Matrix Multiplication?

Matrix multiplication is among the most fundamental and compute-intensive operations in machine learning.

Container Management

Survival Of The Best Container Management System: AKS vs EKS vs GKE

The container software package includes an application code, runtime, system libraries, and other settings needed to run an application.

Guide To Distributed Representations in ML

Distributed Representations (DR) play a significant role in machine learning. DR is a principled way…


GPT-4: Sam Altman Confirms Rumours

In what can be called an exciting development, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, in a question-answer session in AC10 online meetup, spoke about the impending GPT-4 release.

A Complete Tutorial on Time Series Filters

A good filter should be able to remove unit roots and the cyclic components or more formally we can say the filter should be capable of isolating fluctuations of the data at a certain frequency.